Shoot 2 Reflection (Performance)

So on the 7th July we did our second music video shoot of the performance. We took 15 minutes to set up and get our model ready for shooting and then we did two sessions of shooting, each for about 30 minutes.

Firstly, we filmed lots of close-up shots with the lighting to really emphasise the strength of the colours. We then did some long shots with the lighting to add a bit for variety and so the lighting would not detract from the face.

Overall, I think our shoot went well because our model knew all the words to the song which made the process a lot quicker and easier. It also helped that we had a plan so we knew exactly what we were doing when. This really helped us to remain organised and get the shots we wanted. It was a lot quicker to get all the shots we needed because we knew what we wanted and how to set up the shoot. This made the process a lot speedier and fluid.

Here is a picture of our model lip syncing when we were filming.

So, for the actual filming process we filmed the whole song for every angle and shot we wanted to take. This really helped us to get a wide variety of footage so when it comes to editing, we have plenty of choice. It also allows us to make a couple of mistakes so even if some footage is bad, we still have enough left over for our music video.

To create the lighting effect, we used so lighting gels to make the camera look a different colour. We had to put card over the lights because otherwise the colour was very diluted and not as strong as we wanted. This has helped us because if we need to do the shoot again, we will be more prepared and have the card cut ready. Playing round trying to get a strong coloured lighting really wasted our studio time.

I think this shoot went really well because we are happy with the footage we got and it will help to give variety for our next performance. However, if we were to do this again we would be more prepared and be ready with card to cover up the lights. Furthermore, we would try and get some extreme long shots as this time we struggled to get them as the studio is quite small. Maybe to try and get some extreme long shots we need a different kind of lens.

Targets for next shoot:

  • Bring black card so we know how to block out the white light.
  • Make sure the costume is how we like it before we take each shot. (Our model’s strap was falling down at some point.)
  • Use a variety of different type lens to aid the kind of shots we get.

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