Shoot 3 Reflection (Performance)

So, on the 8th of July we decided to redo our first shoot that we did for the performance. This is because while we felt it went well, we wanted to try some more looks with the makeup and get a wider variety of shots.

Here is the planning document we created for shoot 1. We plan to run by it exactly the same but only by changing the makeup. This will enable us to get a better variety of shots to give our music video more variation therefore making the audience more engaged.

Furthermore, we will also be using the same plan as what we did last time worked well we just want to change the makeup.

From shoot 1, our targets were:

  • Make the make-up a bit cleaner so it looks sharper.
  • Go early to set up so we can start straight away.
  • Make the model feel relaxed so they feel comfortable performing.

So did we achieve our targets?

Overall, I think we did achieve our targets because we got a wider variety of shots and the shoot went a lot more fluid. Our model was really comfortable performing with us which really helped the shoot to run as smoothly as possible. We got there early and set up straight away so we could spend time perfecting our model’s makeup. Finally, I think we did achieve our target of making the makeup look cleaner and sharper as the design is a lot more geometric which I think helped it to look segregated.

Here you can see the new makeup look we did on our model. However, we also still plan to use the original design as well.

Here you can see us filming our model from a high angled close up. In this shoot, we choose to do a wider variety of shots from a variety of different angles to give our music video variation.

What went well?

  • We had everything planned out well so everything went smoothly.
  • The makeup was clean and sharp.
  • Our model felt really relaxed when we were filming and you can tell this through the shots.

Even better if?

  • Make sure we get a good variety of good quality shots.
  • Experimented a bit more with the hair.


  • Experiment more.
  • Make the most of the time we have to ensure all our shots are good quality.

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