Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Here is our rough cut for our performance side of our music video. In this draft, we made it all performance as we had not filmed our narrative yet. When we film our narrative, we will try to put it in where some of the longer shots are for our performance.

Self assessment:

So, overall, I am pleased with our first rough cut of our music video because we have included a variety of different shots and this was easy because we had 16 different shots and a variety of different angles to use. My favourite shots are the ones with the lighting gels because I think they are really effective and add variety to the shots. The fact that they look red and blue really emphasises the discovery element of our music video as it is something a bit different that you do not necessarily see in a music video. I also really like how the gel makes the image look slightly grainy, as it gives off an organic and authentic kind of vibe which goes with our artist’s star image.

I think the face paint element of the video worked really well, as we did two different designs and flicked between the two. This made the video a bit more exciting and added variety for the audience. In doing these shots, we also edited to the beat which helped to reinforce the rhythm of the song. I really like some of the close-ups we got of the make-up as it really draws you in and makes you appreciate it. The fact that we slicked the hair back also helped to promote the make-up and draw the audience in. It exposed the face and made it the centre point of the video. We tried really hard to get a wide variety of shots so the audience would remain engaged throughout the video. However, we wanted to get some extreme long shots but we were unable to do this as we were limited in the studio. This means that when we film our narrative, we will work extra hard to try and get lots of extreme long shots.

However, I still think there are lots of things we can improve on for our music video. Firstly, I think we should have shorter cuts so there is more variety in the cutting speed etc. so the audience do not get bored with the same shot for too long. Another thing I think we could improve on is making clearer cuts so when we cut it, it is not halfway between a word as that makes it look unprofessional and bad. If we did more transitions, it would also enhance the audiences experience when they are watching the music video. A final change I would make is adding a variety of different filters and overlays as that will enhance our star image according to Richard Dyer’s theory of a paradox of the star. A star should be both ordinary & extraordinary therefore by adding some filters we will achieve this.

Targets for improvement:

  • Make clearer cuts so when we cut it, it is not halfway between a word.
  • Do more transitions to make it look more professional.
  • Add a variety of filters to enhance our star image.
  • Try and get the framing right so there is not a black border when you watch it on YouTube.

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