Design Skills 1

I have used lots of different skills when editing my music video in Premier Pro. Editing takes a long time but once you get it right, it looks really effective. Here are some examples of transitions and effects we put on our music video to try and enhance star image, our genre and our music video in general.

Here is a screenshot of a cross dissolve transition we put in:

We put in several cross dissolves because it creates a fluid transition between the shots. We mainly used this between two shots from the same shoot. So, for example, a lighting shot to a different angle of a lighting shot. This really helped us to add variety and so the shots would look less plain. This really enhances star image because it creates an effortless transition between shots. It portrays the star as elegant and unique. With our main theme being discovery, this also reflects the themes because it is like you discover the second shot within the first shot. This really makes the music video more engaging for the audience. Cross dissolves are not very conventional for our genre so we are testing conventions by doing this showing that our star is pushing the boundaries and discovering new things.

Here is a screenshot of some of the colour correction we did:

We edited a lot of the videos with colour correction as we wanted the lighting to be a lot stronger than it actually was. This enabled us to use a wider variety of colours without actually purchasing more gels. We mainly used it for our long shots as the further away we got from the lighting, the weaker the lighting got. This really helped us to add variety and difference to shots that looked originally quite similar. It portrays the star as unreachable and unique. With our main theme being discovery, this also reflects the themes because it is like you are discovering more colours (and more sides to the artist) as you watch the video. This really adds lots of variety to the music video and makes it more engaging.

Here is a screenshot of the saturation editing:

We played around with saturation a lot during editing. In some of the shots, the colours were not as bright as we wanted them to be. This meant that we used the saturation editing to make some of the colours brighter and more vibrant. Personally, I think this has really helped our music video as if we did not get the lighting quite as we wanted it, we have managed to change it with editing the saturation. This has impacted our star image because it has made the star look brighter and more unreachable. It makes them look like a mere fantasy to the audience as it does not look natural with the lighting, In addition, it has impacted our genre because conventionally, pop music videos will be very brightly lit and vibrant, so we have tried to recreate this in real life and with the saturation editing tool.

Furthermore, between 15-17 seconds we do lots of quick straight cuts as the music gets quicker. This really emphasizes that as the music gets quicker, so does the filming. It reinforces cohesion and fluidity between the editing, filming and music. This impacts star image because it makes our star look more professional and into the music. It gives the illusion of her being skilled as it is effective as it goes the same speed of the music. This impacts our pop genre because it is very conventional for the genre, lots of pop music videos have multiple straight cuts making it look clean and modern. The fact that we have stuck to conventions symbolizes that it is recognizable as a pop music video and our star also tries to fit in.

Overall, I am pleased with the editing we have done for our music video. We have used a variety of different techniques and effects to get the look and aesthetic we want for our music video. The editing has really helped to enhance our star image and create a professional and engaging first draft of our music video. When we do some more editing, (once we have our narrative in) we will work hard to try and learn some new techniques for Premier Pro to enhance our music video further. We will do this by, over the summer, watching YouTube videos on how to use Premier Pro and new techniques on how to add in different effects and filter. But, as a first draft, we are more than happy with our first attempt at editing.

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