Here are my two adverts that will feature in my magazine.

Audience: a collection of people for a particular genre. Stuart Hall argued that an audience decodes the messages that a producer puts in place in a piece of media through his reception theory. So, the job of the audience is to decode what the producers put in place.

When I found out I needed to create adverts for my magazine, I looked back at my audience demographics and psychographics to find out what kind of things my audience would be interested in. I also looked back at the dating profile I created. My audience is generally generation x and baby boomers so I tried to target these kind of people. So, my audience are still young and vibrant but they probably play it safe rather than being rebellious.

I think these adverts fit my target audience because my audience are the kind of people who like to have a good time and go out dancing but are probably a bit more fresh and not rebellious so I think these fit that brief.

I chose this advert because my audience like to go out and have a good time and an open dance studio seemed a good fit. I also like how the orange juxtaposes the pink on the opposite page.

I chose this advert because everyone loves a soft drink. Since my audience are not very rebellious, I thought a soft drink advert would be a good choice. It talks about having a “master plan.” I think this works with my genre because disco is all about having fun so this advert just stops and makes you think for a minute. The drink splashing out also makes a statement. It suggests you are breaking the mould and letting loose. That is exactly what my magazine is all about.

I think both adverts, but especially the dance studio one, fit with my genre because my genre is all about people going out and having a good time and that is the connotations of both adverts. Making the most of everyday, enjoying life and knowing what you love.

A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my complete draft of my music magazine.

All in all, I really like my magazine as it brings a modern twist on disco which before was quite out-dated. There is nothing like this on the market so I think my magazine is very unique and original.

Front Cover: For my front cover, I chose a colour palette of hot pinks, purples and cyan blue. I used a dark blue to do the important sub titles like the “win” and “world exclusive” and “exclusive interviews” to catch the audiences attention. This also, in turn brings out the colour of Millie’s eyes. I took the colour palette from Millie’s nails, so it is all coordinated. My masthead pops out of the backdrop as it has a pink shadow which I created and my stand first is relevant to the monthly issues of my magazine. I included a polaroid so there is something that ties all three pages together. Every time there is an insert I have done it polaroid style showing a continuation and that style will appeal to my target audience.

Contents Page: For my contents page, I went through a variety of different layouts before settling with this one. I like it because it is simple but effective, the pink strip down the side separates the words from the pictures making them clear and the reader knowing where to look. I chose a sophisticated font for the title of my contents page to make disco a bit more modern. I then changed the end into black giving it a more sleek and refined look. I chose that particular picture of Millie because her arm frames the text perfectly making it look like she was always there. I (yet again) added extra polaroids for my features to bring the audiences attention to my main articles. I used a script style font for my editors welcome so it feels personalised for the reader and unique.

Double Page Spread: I chose that picture because I though it worked well as a double page spread picture as Darien’s hand goes over the pages bringing them together. I decided to do a polaroid strip because I had lots of other pictures that I wanted to include and I thought a strip like that would work well. This also links it to my contents page and front cover along with a similar colour scheme. I decided to do a top 10 songs article because I thought it would show understanding of my genre and be interesting for the reader. By putting the songs in a different colour, it makes them stand out and when my audience are flicking through it acts as an overview.

Here is a flipsnack of my magazine:

What went well: I really like my double page spread. It is sophisticated and simple. I really feel like I have modernized disco with this design.

Even better if: I changed my contents page title font so it tied in a bit more with the rest of the magazine. I should have also got my models for my double page spread shoot to make their hair more curly as then it would be more conventional. However, you could argue that ‘Club Disco’ are trying to break conventions anyway so it could be seen as ok.

What has changed: There are lots of things that have changed, the main thing being my contents page layout. I changed this numerous times and finally settled on this one which I really like. I have also added in polaroids to every page so all the inserts tie in together.

Complete Magazine Draft

A JPEG PDF of your three pages. Screen Castify from teacher. Summarise feedback and targets.

Here is my complete magazine draft.

Please click on my complete draft to see it as a PDF.
Please click on my complete draft to see it as a PDF.
Please click on my complete draft to see it as a PDF.
Please click on my complete draft to see it as a PDF.

Overall, I am very pleased with how my three components have worked out. My favourite is my double page spread because I think the two pages work well together. I also like how I have used the extra pictures to create a polaroid style strip. I like my front cover however I feel like the background is a bit too busy and I should make it a bit more black to tie it in with the other two pages. I think my contents page needs the most work because I am not truly satisfied with the overall layout.

Here is my feedback that my teacher gave me:



  • Improve the contents page layout:- It will make it look more like a magazine and make it less confusing for the audience to read.
  • Make my cover star pop more:- This will add to my front cover as she will have more of a star image and ‘look’ like a star.
  • Change my tagline:- I am going to change it to “where the party goes on all month long” because then it is relevant to the monthly editions of my magazine and not just like every other nightclub.

A New Improved Contents Page

Here is my new and improved contents page. I have decided to change my layout completely so it works better with my double page spread.

Here is a recording of my peer reading their peer review.

In summary, I think I have produced a good second draft I just need to work on making the writing a bit clearer and filling in the space. I would also like to add in some more detail so my magazine looks more realistic.

What I’ve changed:

  • The layout.
  • The font of the title.
  • Put in more polaroids.

What is good:

  • I like the colour scheme.
  • I like the style.

3 targets for my next draft:

  • Fill in the space.
  • Make it a bit more disco.
  • Make the writing clearer.
  • Make editors welcome wider.
  • Sort out Millie’s polaroid so it has no background.

Draft of Contents Page

Here is a mock up of my contents page with one picture choices. As you can see, I have only used place holder text so I can get an idea of layout and how each picture looks on the page.

Things I like about this contents page:

  • I like how the title is down the side as it is unconventional and implies I am breaking the mould. This is good because the genre disco is about not being typical and being a bit niche.
  • I like the picture insert I have done at the side as it draws the audience’s attention to the feature article.

Things that could be improved regarding this contents page:

  • If I were to use this design, I would need to blend the picture into the contents page or cut my artist out.
  • Change the font of my title because it is the same font as the masthead.
  • Include more inserts in the same style as my double page spread one.
  • Spell contents right.


Here is another contents page mock up with a different layout:

Things I like about this contents page:

  • I like how it is a bit more of a generic layout for a contents page.
  • I like how the insert is at the bottom of the page and is a bit smaller so it doesn’t detract from the main cover star.
  • I also like the font / colour of my polaroid caption because it looks like it has been hand-written making the reader feel like it has been personally done for them.

Things that could be improved regarding this contents page:

  • I think the cutting out of the image could be improved as there are a few white lines from the quick selection tool and you can see where I should have cut more out by the hand.
  • I could also make the cover star bigger so she takes up a bit more room so there is less space between my models head and the title.
  • I need to change the font of my title because it is the same font as the masthead.


Overall, I prefer my second layout and design of my contents page therefore I will be using this one in my magazine. This is because I prefer the picture and where the insert is as well as it being a more generic layout.

Next, I am going to work on my second layout to make it the best it can be. This includes cutting and editing the image more, increasing the size of my cover star and changing the font of my title so it is different to the masthead.

Contents Page Plan

Here is my plans for my contents page layout.

I am probably either going to use design two or design three because I really like the idea of having my contents title down the side as it is unconventional and a bit quirky.

I am also going to add in a couple of pugs with pictures in from my location shoot.

I have a few pictures to choose from for my contents page:

All 4 pictures would work for either layout 1 and 2 or 3 and 4.

Here is another bit of planning of things I will include in my contents page and how I will get the audience to read it.

Here are the cover lines I plan to use:

1) The new formidable trio breaking the mould.

2) Exclusive sneak peek into Sister Sledge’s daily life!

3) 5 secrets about the music video that broke the internet.

4) 12 bewildering facts you didn’t know about ABBA.

A New Improved Feature Article

Here is a new and improved version of my feature article next to my old one.

As you can see, I have made lots of changes including adding more facts and I have tried to make the article more about my stars and less about the actual songs. I hope this will engage my audience and make them want to read on. This has meant that I have achieved my first target.

My second target was to avoid repeating myself because then the audience will lose interest and not buy my magazine again. I have deleted anywhere where my magazine repeats itself and have instead replaced it with more interesting information. Hopefully this will ensure that my audience doesn’t get too bored.

Finally my third target was to rectify my article and change it from a duo to a trio, so it fits with the photo. When I did this, I also got rid of the “says…” bits as they were a bit samey. This has made my feature article make sense.

I think my changes have a big impact because they link the picture and the article together, they engage the reader and they provide entertainment. This shows me that my magazine draft is a good one because it fulfills Bumbler and Katz Uses and Gratifications Theory.

Targets for my next draft:

  • Make it even more engaging for the reader by putting in more about the artists.
  • Add in more exclamations that sound like the artists opinions.

A New Improved DPS

Here is a new and improved version of my double page spread article.

Please click on my draft 2 to see a PDF of my new double page spread article.

I think I have achieved my targets from my last draft because I have got some new pictures which work a lot better with my genre. I have also thought of a better title and added some inserts to my my article look more realistic. This makes it look better as it brings the whole article together as one page rather than two separate ones.

I really like:

  • My main photo because a trio is a bit unusual which shows I am challenging conventions.
  • My Polaroid style strip of photos as it breaks up the text making it easier for the audience to read my article.

Targets for my next draft:

  • Make the stand first more clear. – This will make the navy pop out of the black more.
  • Make the credits smaller. – As this detracts from the picture at the moment and conventionally it would not be that big.
  • Give my image a caption. – This will tell the reader a bit about the context of the picture.
  • Add an arrow to show there is more of the article on the next page. – This way, the audience knows that the article continues and it doesn’t stop randomly.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS

Here is a peer review of my double page spread article.

Targets for development:

  • Get a picture which is more “disco.” – This will ensure that it is obvious what my genre is.
  • Break up the text with image. – This will make it easier to read and keep the audience’s attention better.

Next I am going to:

  • Change my image. – This will make the article come together more.
  • Add some inserts. – This will make the layout a bit more exciting.
  • Improve my title. – This will draw the audience in more.
  • Add little things in like page numbers and an arrow to show it goes on to the next page. – This will make it look more convincing as a double page spread.

Draft 1 of The Double Page Spread

Here is my draft 1 of my double page spread.

Please click on my draft 1 to see a PDF of my double page spread article.

I really like:

  • I like how the song names are in a different colour to the rest of the text.
  • I like the layout of my double page spread.

Targets for my next draft:

  • Choose a better picture which is more “disco.”
  • Think of a better title for my article.
  • Add in some inserts.