Draft 7 Music Video

Here is draft 7 of my music video. This is definitely my final draft.

Things I have changed since the last draft:

  • Stabilized the video so it did not say “analyzing” across the screen.
  • Took the sound off one of the videos.

Overall, I am pleased with my music video as I think I have got across my key message of daring to be different and living life to the full whist pushing the conventions of the pop genre.

Draft 6 Music Video

Here is draft 6 of my music video. I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

Things I have changed are:

  • Filmed some more intimate shots for the narrative.
  • Changed the opening sunset so it is not the same shot.
  • Changed some of the transitions to make it more exciting.
  • I have scaled and positioned the photos more.
  • Made some of the shots shorter.
  • Stabilized some of the handheld shots.
  • Jump cut the section at 2:27.
  • I have made the last shot longer so it leaves the audience with a picture after the music has finished.

Music Video Draft 5

Here is draft 5 of my music video. I have changed the bits my peers told me to change from my last draft.

For example, they said: “There is a really long sunset shot at the end, maybe you could add another shot of the artist with the silk, as those are really nice and natural. Also, edit the running shots more, as they are a bit plain.” So this is what I have done. I have made the some of the running shots more exciting by reversing them so the audience does not get bored and I have halved the length of time the end sunset is on for, and swapped it for a new silk clip which I have not used before.

Overall, I am really pleased with how it has turned out. I feel like it needs something extra but I cannot work out what yet so I will have a think and maybe add or edit something different in.

Music Video Draft 4

Here is my draft 4 of my music video:

Things I have changed:

  • Clearer narrative shots.
  • Made the border changes clearer.
  • Made the narrative as a story so it is more clear and how it links with the performance. I have done it in chronological order.
  • Added in some more transitions.
  • Layered shots.
  • Added in more editing techniques.
  • Checked the lip syncing.
  • Linked the naturalistic shots with the rest of the narrative.
  • Had rougher edges on the beach scenes so you can tell that it is memories.
  • Put the sandcastles in chronological order.
  • Got rid of the fire shots are they do not make sense.

I watched my music video with some of my classmates and here is what they think:

So overall, they like:

  • They like the alternative positioning of the model as it adds variety and is not central like the rest of the shots.
  • The transitions are nice and add some lightness to the video. It blends into the sunsets which looks cool.
  • The cutting speed works really well as has a good pace and keeps moving.
  • It is ok that the girls are talking in the narrative because it looks more natural rather than them just sitting there.
  • The lip syncing is really good, it almost looks like she is singing it.
  • The narrative is understandable and flows well.
  • The borders are used a good amount as they aren’t overused.

They don’t like:

  • There is a really long sunset shot at the end, maybe you could add another shot of the artist with the silk, as those are really nice and natural.
  • Edit the running shots more, as they are a bit plain.

Targets to improve on:

  • Put in some more shots with the silk.
  • With the shot of them running across the beach, edit it is they are running backwards to jazz up a normal shot.
  • Break up the long sunset shot at the end with a silk shot.

Music Video Draft 3

Since draft 2 of our music video, our group has split up due to creative differences as we all had different visions for the narrative of our music video. This means that this draft 3 (the narrative side) is all my own work.

So, here is draft 3 of my music video:

Things I have changed from the last draft:

  • Got rid of repeated shots.
  • Got a rhythm with the two types of performance so we did not confuse the audience.
  • Got rid of the mid shots of the performance as they were too static.
  • Sped up the pace of the edit at the chorus as it is about running.
  • Sorted out the sequencing.
  • Got rid of the long shot at 1:18.
  • Put some painted performance at 1:49.
  • Reduced the length of time the shadow goes on for.
  • Jump cut three shots of them walking.
  • Got rid of the jumping shot as it does not make sense.
  • When she is chanting at the end, I put more narrative in.
  • Made the final shot shorter.
  • Did another shoot to get better quality of footage of friends having fun, all of which I have changed.

I have got some feedback from my peers about my music video so here are their comments:

Beatrice: “I like the use of face paint and the contrast against the black background. The pink tint in some parts of the video is really nice and the range of shots is really good. I think some of the narrative shots could be clearer and the border changes colour be clearer too. Otherwise, I really like it!”

Zoe: “I really like the performance shots: the gel colour ones I feel work really work, as the colours used are very interesting and they enhance the idea of the star image and the fact that she is performing. I also like the face paint ones, but I do feel that you maybe could have done more with her hair to suggest the idea of being the star? Maybe it could have been more eccentric or bolder like the face paint? I like narrative too, the quality is good and it is well filmed. I feel that some of the shots maybe need to be more established for example the ones of the fire, and the landscapes. As whilst these are effective shots, I think that the link for some of them could be a bit stronger, maybe that is adding a filter or just using some more shots to give a stronger link. But overall it looks great!”

Min: “The powerful image of the sun reflects the lighting in the performance shots and the naturalistic setting of the beach works well. However, I’m not sure what the significance is of the painted face. I really like your shots of the beach but I do not understand why the performer is on the beach or how it connects to the narrative. The natural emotion works really well but try to use more transitions or layer some shots. I do not really understand the narrative though, is it just friends on the beach? Overall, I like it however I’m confused about the narrative as it is only kind of understandable. The chosen song works well and so do the colours in the beach shots. Maybe just add some more editing techniques unless you are going for a more naturalistic video.”

Cassidy: “So I really like some of the shots that you got with your models. However I’m not too sure about the shot of them running away, even though it says so in the lyrics, maybe if it was more literal it would work better. Also at 3.17 it looks a little strange and you can’t hear the lyrics but you can see her singing. I’m not entirely sure about the change of colour of the sea making it more blue as it does make it look artificial, but maybe if you tried a really unusual colour for sea, eg. pink or purple, it would work better? I think the pattern of the performance also works well!”

From these comments, I was able to work out some targets for draft 4.

Targets for the next draft:

  • Clearer narrative shots.
  • Make the border changes clearer.
  • Make the narrative as a story more clear and how it links with the performance.
  • Add in some more transitions.
  • Layer shots.
  • Add in more editing techniques.
  • Check the lip syncing.
  • Link the naturalistic shots with the rest of the narrative.
  • Have rougher edges on the beach scenes so you can tell that they are memories. It is not obvious enough at the moment.

Teacher Feedback – Screen Castify

We had some really good feedback for our music video from our teacher today and it raised some points of what we have done well and what we could have done better.

Here is the feedback from our teacher:

What went well:

  • The shots with the coloured cloth are really effective and atmospheric.
  • It was good that we started with a close up as soon as she started singing.
  • Good depth of field in some of the shots.
  • Good transitions.
  • Good shots of our artist for the narrative laughing etc.
  • Nice angle with the girls walking along but it is best to do it in threes whereas we did two.

Targets for our next draft:

  • Do not repeat shots unless you add edits to them.
  • With the fire shots have some marshmallows and people roasting them to link it with the main narrative of the friends having fun.
  • Get a rhythm with the two types of performance so we do not confuse the audience.
  • Get rid of the mid shots of the performance as they are too static.
  • Up the pace of the edit at the chorus as it is about running.
  • Sort out our sequencing.
  • 1:18, quite a long shot so the audience will get bored.
  • Do not repeat shots.
  • 1:49, we have not seen the painted performance for a long time so put some in there.
  • The shadow goes on for too long.
  • Jump cut these three shots of them walking.
  • With the jumping shot where does she jump to?
  • When she is chanting at the end, cut between narrative. (We knew we needed to do this but ran out of narrative footage.)
  • The final shot is too long, need to break it up with some narrative.
  • Do another shoot.

Overall, this feedback has been really useful as we now have a set list of what we need to work on and what we have done well. We will now focus on correcting the sequencing and filming more narrative to put in.

Narrative Shoot Reflection 2

Here is a plan for our second narrative shoot. I have included all the shots I aim to get as well as what they will include and the appropriate mise-en-scene. It is really important to do a thorough plan so you know exactly what shots to get and so you know which shots are your priority. (This was one of the tips we got from the Specsavers creative team.)

Here are some shots of the set up we had. This was for a high angle mid-shot of the ice cream they were eating but I also got some low angle ones too.

Here is a high angle long shot I filmed of them building a sandcastle.

Overall, I think the shoot went really well. I got some good shots of everything I wanted to get. I’m really happy with them because all of them were in focus, on a tripod and of really good quality. This means I achieved all the aims of our last shoot.

What went well:

  • The shots were all crisp and clean.
  • They look like they are naturally having fun, something we didn’t get in our last shoot.
  • The footage wasn’t wobbly as it was all filmed on a tripod.
  • We used mise-en-scene effectively.

Even better if:

  • There was wind so we can fly the kites properly.

Specsavers Feedback

Today we had two people come in who work in the creative department at Specsavers and they gave us feedback on our music videos so far. They first gave us some general feedback and then they gave us some editing techniques.

General Feedback

  • Our performance is well lit and sleek.
  • We used a large range of camera angles and shots which is good.
  • Maybe do another shoot as our narrative does not have a clear story. For example, film some footage on the beach of a proper summer like building sand castles and flying kites.

Editing Points

  • Opacity: You can change the opacity of different shots so you can overlay shots onto each other rather than having one after the other or putting in a transition.
  • Masks: If you use a mask you can make one particular object in a shot a different colour with different saturation etc. This has really helped as rather than painting the hand we can do it in the editing which saves time.
  • Adjustment layers: They help you to change the whole video rather than shots individually. For example, I could put an adjustment layer on all my performance shots so they all have the same saturation without changing the narrative.

Music Video Draft 2 (Includes shoot 2 footage )

Here is a draft 2 of our music video:

I do not like this draft of our music video as I think it does not really look like a music video and we do not have a consistent narrative. It does not tell a story which the audience can follow. This means that they will not want to watch it again and again.

What went well:

  • I like how crisp our performance shots are.

Even better if:

  • We re-filmed some of our narrative.
  • We took out the performance shots without the face paint as they are not very crisp.
  • Tried to distribute the narrative more evenly so it looks like more of a music video.
  • Did not cut so suddenly to the narrative in some places as it looks in consistent.
  • Loose the shot at 2:08 as it looks too slow for the pace of our edit. Use a different shot with the material.

Aims for our next draft:

  • Film some more narrative.
  • Got rid of the other performance shots.
  • Distribute the narrative more evenly.
  • Make the narrative cuts more consistent so they go with the pace of our edit.

Narrative Shoot Reflection

On Tuesday the 15th of September we filmed part of our narrative for our music video. We really focused on trying to film a group of friends having fun together. Unfortunately, two of our actors cancelled at last minute so that meant that we only had our artist and one friend. Personally, I feel like we did not hit our brief because while some of our footage is good, I do not believe enough is useable of good enough. Because of this, I feel like we should do a second shoot with more people.

What went well with the shoot:

  • The weather was good and the location worked.
  • Everyone had a clear idea of what we needed to do when.
  • The coloured cloth shots looked effective.

Even better if:

  • We filmed everything on the tripod so all the footage is steady.
  • We had more people to film so we could really focus on having fun with friends.
  • Our actors wore more florals so we are not running around at last minute trying to find alternative outfits.
  • Used mise-en-scene more effectively so our genre and star image is more prominent.
  • Check all our shots before we leave to see if they are in focus so we can easily redo them if necessary.

Aims for our next shoot:

  • Film everything on the tripod to get clear and straight footage.
  • Have a wide range of people.
  • Make sure someone has hold of costumes before hand so if people cancel we are not relying on them for costumes.
  • Make sure we have the right mise-en-scene.
  • Make sure all shots are in focus.


We also all agreed to do some filming on our own so we did not have to meet up. Part of our narrative is based off the four elements so I chose to film fire. Obviously we risked assessed to make sure it was safe but overall I think that shoot went really well because we got lots of useable footage from two different angles.

However, if I were to do the fire shoot again I would try to film from a lower angle as I think that would be an interested perspective on it.