Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

In a lesson this week some staff from the specsavers creative team came in to teach us some editing skills and answer any questions we had to our music videos. They demonstrated skills such as the removal of colour, how to use filters and how to apply slow motion effects. This was super helpful for myself and the group and we really wanted to push ourselves with the editing of our video and make it really cool.

We then had the chance to sit down with one from the team and show them our video, get feedback and ask any questions. The feedback we received was really positive and the member from the team agreed that we could push ourselves more with the editing. we then took the opportunity to ask some questions and for some demos of some edits we wanted to achieve in our video.

One of the main skills we were hoping to learn was for something creative we had thought of doing for the video. We wanted a close up of the eye to be zoomed into and then zoomed out and spun around, moving into the light studio bits of performance footage. We were shown how to do this and it ended up looking so good in the end and really different.

Overall meeting the specsavers creative team was a brilliant experience and we with our time. The skills we learnt and imputed into our video was really skilled and just made our product so much better. The editing is now so much more developed and it has tied the video together really nicely.



  • Add in some more graphics with the editing.
  • Amplify the colours on some of the clips
  • Make sure everything is synced.

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