Our Mission Statement

Before creating the digipack, we have to start thinking about the target audience as they are the ones who are going to be buying the album. By creating something that is addressed to the target audience we will attract more attention to the album. Below is our mission statement for our star ‘Isaiah Cole’s’ latest album. The mission statement advertises the star image of Cole and shows the audience what he is about, as well as giving an insight as to what the album may be like.

The main goal is for the digipack to be as successful as it can be and to do this we are going to do something called integrated advertising. This is where you combine a variety of media channels and tools to produce  greater experience for the audience. Doing this will mean that our star image is seen by more people as it is on multiple media platforms.

‘Isaiah Cole is on the climb as one of the newest hiphop and rap stars. His confident, stylish and intriguing personality has his fans obsessed and his music is just as good. We want our audience to connect with our star through social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter so they get to know the star on a personal level. We are going to achieve this by designing a package that will attract the consumer with the interesting typeface and imagery. Moreover the colours used will  be bold, and co-ordinates so they will stand out to the naked eye.’


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