Print media that communicates meaning

This poster is a perfect way to show us the ways in which a picture can tell us a story about the way a person is trying to communicate with us. By analysing this poster I can know see how font, image, clothing, hair, makeup and information entices the audience to want to find out more about what’s happening in the poster and what’s going to be going on in the future about it. These aspects will help me react out to my audience when I am making my own print designs as I will know how to attract my target audience’s attention.

By looking deeper into this poster it has shown me that every little detail is important to your audience. Ever little thing from the small print website in the bottom left hand corner shows us as the audience that you can feel more engaged with the artist as she wants us to know more about her, to the obvious big bold sci fi print of her tour name to show the importance of it to her and to put it out there to her audience that it will be an ‘out of this world’ performance that the artist will be putting on. Also, the artist is standing in a very bold stance to show that she is confident in what she is going to perform and she is open to new people wanting to communicate with her.

Finally, this is going to help me when I come to do my print design as I will know what aspects I need to include into my print design to engage my target audience and what attracts them to want to look at my magazine.

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