The Camera Talks


After analyzing the contact sheet I produced, I picked my favorite 9 that showed our own story. I picked these 9 images to show the different angles, depth and exposure. After we created our mood board I analysed each image individually with a technical camera term and some adjectives to convey what the image shows the audience when we look at it.

My favourite of our 9 photos is the top right, this shows us the use of an angled shot but it is also blurred showing our modles edginess and hierarchy. This portrays the fact that and angled shot tells a story within the image.

Altogether, this mood board shows us that all images provide us with a story. I will use this when I come to making my own music magazine, as I will know what to look for when it come to analysing my own images to make sure that my image shows the right story that I need it to for my music magazine.

To see my mood board in full please click on it.


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