My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

Our music genre that we were given was ‘pop’. The conventions we associated with it were:


  • Bright clothes
  • Loud makeup
  • Ostentatious behaviour
  • Extroverts
  • Young teenages listen to it
  • Sparkles


This mood board shows a variety of pictures relating to pop, the way they dress, there different hairstyles, there makeup and of course the different pop groups and artists.  then we use the appropriate mise-en-scene for our model and took various shots of her and various poses, distances and angles. Here are the contact sheets.  





I have chosen this to be my final image. This is because it is the one that looks most like other pop album covers.  The lighting is also very good as it makes her dress sparkle in the different lighting’s.  Also her position and the way she is sitting makes she seems very sweet and innocent but with a bit of mystery included into it. The mise-en-scene of the image is very important when it comes to trying to figuring out the character and the scene. In this image her bra strap is showing slightly which I will have to photoshop out. I feel like this image will make a great magazine cover photo, this is why it is my final image for my magazine cover. I now know that this will help me with my future work as I  know how to get the lighting in the right places to take photos and use the correct functions on the camera.

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