So… How can an image communicate meaning

In the past few weeks I have learnt the meaning of mine-en-scene, this is the different lighting, costumes, acting, make-up and props. We have learnt to understand all the different uses of the camera and all the different angles that we will have to use during our photo-shots and we have learnt how to use high or low angles with the camera to suggest dominance or innocences or how to use lighting to show the different emotions of the characters we are taking pictures of.

During our lessons I have found out that distance, angles and composition play a big part when we are trying to produce a image that needs to tell a story. Another way to show meaning in media is by ‘framing’ this shows the use of deferent camera angles which can covey different meanings, for example a low angled shot portrays dominance and authority but a high angled shot show vulnerability and a sense of unknowing but a close up angle shows the depth of field that you need, to keep the camera in focus to be able to see the minor details in the image that you want to capture when taking a close up image.

This will help me when I come to think about mise-en-scene, distance, angles and composition for my own music magazine as I will understand how to use them to produce a story to attract my own target audience. I will now know how to get the right emotions out of my model and images by making sure the model wears the right costume for the role and has the right make up on. If I use other images in my magazine I will have to make sure I use the right distances and angles to show the right emotions of the images to entice my target audience.

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