Draft 2 – The Contents Page



  • The colour scheme fits the indie pop genre well.
  • The images look professional because of the canted angles.
  • The simple font fits the content page, not too in your face.


  • There are no captions, need to add more.
  • Try a different background and experiment with it.
  • Highlight some of the important words to give it more impact.

Targets for development:

  • Make some of my headings have individual bold words to make them stand out to my reader.
  • Add some captions to it.
  • remove the hyphen in number 13.

This is my new and improved contents page. I have taken on the feed back given by my peer and have added in big, bold font in my content page headings to make them stand out to the audience and I have also added in a caption to make my reader want to continue reading my magazine with a little help from the caption. I have also changed my font of my ‘contents’ page heading as I feel this font fits in more with the indie pop genre and it fits the whole contents page more. I have also added page numbers into my images so my reader knows what page they are on and what story they want to read about from the images or the contents page headings. Overall, I feel like this has improved my content page and made it look and feel more like an indie pop magazine.

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