Language Analysis

I am going to be creating a Q&A for my double page article in my double page spread. This is my analysis of this double page spread so I understand what I have to write and what sort of questions I need to ask my star.



Reference the article of: ‘Cash For Questions – this month: ALT-J’

This article I have chosen to analyse is called ‘Cash For Questions – This Month: ALT-J’, this article was written on the 17th of July 2017 and is written by Paul Stokes who writes for Q magazine.  I chose this layout of magazine for my own personal music magazine as I feel like it goes with my indie pop genre well and this is the best way to engage my audience into anting to read my magazine more.

  • In this article Paul Stokes uses a Q&A focus to try and intrigue the right audience for this type of magazine. we can tell that in the interview that he has really engaged with his interviewee as he put in every little detail from his interviewee groaning to if the person moved somewhere else in the room he really made the person he was interviewing feel comfortable enough to be able to get the littlest details out of them.
  • Throughout this Q&A we are aware of the presence of the journalist because we know that he is the one asking the questions, this portrays the article as well structured and knowledgeable as we know what the journalist ask the interviewee on the day and that he has got ever little detail down in the article.
  • This interview is a very public interview as it is in a library and it seems very laid back and chilled as the band don’t mind doing it in a public space, which conveys the band as a very relaxed band as they don’t mind going into public spaces as they don’t think themselves as normal people not A-listed celebrities.
  • One quote that was used by the band was “I know being photographed in a library isn’t a good place to be played down our bookish image… but I am wearing a leather jacket” says Gus Unger-Hamilton. This shows the band to be very jokey and chill which shows there laid back attitude once again. Throughout, this article the journalist uses different smilies and metaphors to engage the reader the use of the metaphor of “chewing gum like it doesn’t lose its flavour” this shows us as a reader that the band have their own value and that they are different but in a good way, which the journalist has shown through this Q&A through the appropriate questions he has asked and through the use of his language when writing the article.
  • The readers experience throughout reading this article is that they are having a one to one talk with the band. this makes the reader want to carry on reading as it is like meeting the band and having an experience with them and what there day to day life is like. Furthermore, it is like the reader is asking the questions to the band so it is like the reader is there with them.
  • In conclusion, the journalist, Paul Stokes really engages with the band to find out the deepest details about them. throughout the article the band interact with the reader well and come across as unique, kind and funny. This is because of the questions that the journalist has asked them and his thought process of the questions he asked them. Additionally, the journalist has not changed any of the quotes that the band has said so that we get the real life version of the band and so that the reader really engages with the band themselves.


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