These are the adverts I have decided to put into my music magazine, one product advert and one music advert.

I have chosen this product advert of innocent smoothies because it is the same colour scheme as my magazine and it is a healthy advert. This would attract my target audience because of the colours and because its a health scheme advert as my target audience is females aged 18-24.


I have chosen this music advert of Lana Del Rey because I have mentioned her in my magazines captions and also because she is what my target audience isĀ aimed at, a young individual indie pop artist just like Vikki R is and what there fans aspire to be like. I have also chosen this advert of Lana Del Rey because she produces the same music genre as my main star, Vikki R. I know that my target audience would like this advert because I researched this by using yougov and this shows that Lana Del Rey is one of my target audiences favourite musicians for this type of music.

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