Making A Montage

After filming our montage, I created this video using premier pro, creating titles and transitions to make it more exciting and pleasing on the eye to my audience, this furthered my knowledge of using the different software for our music video’s.

This is our preparation of making our montage, we created a storyboard of 16 separate shots that we were going to shoot and the cinematography that we were going to use.



  1. the use of match on action
  2. the use of a variety of different shot distances
  3. I also used some transitions in my montage. like the blackout and the dissolve.


  1.  I should have included more close ups of his face to get more reactions of his face.
  2. I should have used a eye line match
  3. I could have used more locations of the shots to make it more interesting.

After learning how to add titles, music and putting transitions into my work using premier pro, I have also leant how to use premier pro more and how to add in and make sure I have included my cinematography to get the best images I can when I’m filming. I will now use the cinematography I have learnt to use and premier pro to get the best out come for my music magazine.

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