Test Shoots

This is our video for our test shoots for our music video:

What went well:

  • Our actor could lip sync well and took note on everything we asked her to do.
  • We used a different variation of shots, for example close ups and long shots.
  • We used a lot if different angles of shots, for example high angle and low angle.

Five targets that we have come up with to make our music video better are:

  • Use a better location to make the mise-en-scene and to make it fit in with the genre more.
  • We had to fill in some empty spaces with transitions, which we don’t want to do.
  • We would make sure the mise-en-scene fitted with the song and the costume fit with the genre.
  • We need to make our transitions smoother to make it look more professional but we were just playing around with them to see what they looked like in this test shoot.
  •  In our real music video we would use filters and edit the clips to make them more exciting and aesthetically blessing to the audience.


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