Shoot Reflection (performance)

Here are some photos from our performance/location shoot:


Heather, Scarlett and I went out and shot our performance on top of the market place balcony with Lucy and Brook acting.

Reflection from the shoot:

  • Throughout our shoot our mise-en-scene was very effective as we matched Lucy’s costume to her make-up to convey the character well and also we made the smallest changes to her eyeshadow to her shoe and top colour, this shows that we are open and willing to change the littlest things to get the best results for our music video.
  • we also created a range of shots in a variety of different locations based on the same balcony but you wouldn’t be able to tell. overtime we changed locations we change the mise-en-scene of the actor.


  • Our actor was very cold during the whole of the shoot due to her clothing as it was very summery, this showed throughout some of the last clips as she wasn’t as enthusiastic with the acting part of the performance. We will make sure the costumes are weather appropriate next time so this doesn’t happen next time.

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