Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is draft one for our performance that we filmed last Friday. we put together a variety of different clips together from our shoot. we used different shots to show our wide range of different shot distances.

I found that we worked well as a team and we all took it in terms to work with the models and to also shoot the models, this helped us to create the content that we have shown in our short one minute footage clip.

what went well:

  • costume and make-up
  • co-ordination of the make up and costume
  • mise-en-scene
  • actors taking it seriously

what we could improve for next time:

  • make sure we know what the weather is going to be like as our actors got very cold in what the were wearing but it went with our genre well.
  • mak sure the lighting is correct as some clips were too dark and not well lit
  • it wasn’t in a set location as we had already planned for it to be originally
  • we need to make sure we shoot in a not so busy location as people kept walking infant of the camera and ruining the shot.

Overall, the performance went very well as we did get some good shots but some of them were ones we didn’t really like as its not what we imagined it to be like due to are original idea being in a set location, but we are able to shot our performance again as we can use Scarlett’s Ballroom at her house which we wanted to use in the first plan. this fits and suits are genre perfectly and should go smoothly as we now know that our actors fit perfectly to our genre.


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