Narrative Development

This is our narrative development slide that we have filled in, we will be filming our narrative on Tuesday. this includes the beginning, middle and end of our story line. This portrays are amplified narrative of what we are trying to create in our music video. the slide show is going to help us create our story board so we know exactly what we are going to be shooting on the day. This has also helped us to be able to see and create the different themes of the music video, the different conflicts that are going to happen between the three of them and also the message that we want to show through the video.

It has also helped us to develop our narrative ideas as Lucy and Brook are acting as girlfriend and boyfriend but then that falls apart and Lucy “hooks up” with Liam but it will then end on a cliff hanger conveying their changes in moods throughout the whole video. In the end we will only see two people walking away from the camera as this will make the audience want to know what is going on and watch it again to try and work out what is going on.



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