Narrative Storyboard

This is our group’s StoryBoard for our narrative shoot which we will be filming on the 22nd May.

This is our narrative storyboard for our location shoot on Tuesday. We have created this to show what we are doing and where so we don’t go off track. It also portrays what different shots we are going to take and the different camera distances that we are going to use. From our storyboard we realised that we needed to shoot more close ups but we didn’t place enough of them onto our storyboard. This storyboard starts to give us an invite of what our music video will really look like in the end with a few adjustments here and there and also what this narrative shoot is going to look like when we get all the shots we need. This has shown us what it could really look like if we get the range of different shots we need and also this has helped us to see how important it is to have a lay out if what is going to happen on the day of a shoot so we have a clear guideline to follow. We will also be re-doing another story board to show the other bits we will have to add in and also our performance sections.



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