Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The narrative shoot that we shot on Tuesdays went very well.

On the Tuesday we all went to Scarlett’s house and filmed the narrative shoot. Scarlett’s house made it:

  • A unique location to use as no one knew where we were and no one else is going to clim there.
  • We also managed to get loads of different shots as we completed them fairly fast to make sure we got a range of locations around scarlet house and to be able to make the moots our time we had there.
  • Lucy and Brook worked very well together making t easy for them to co-operate with us and together throughout the shoot.

We have given ourselves a few targets to develop are whole video and also are directing skills and cinematography skills, which are:

  • Try and get more close ups
  • Try and get more match on action shots
  • Make sure all our shots are in focus
  • Make sure we have a variety of camera angles
  • Maybe retake the same shot at the same location a couple of times to make sure we have the perfect shot.

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