Audience Ideologies

The song that we are using ‘Rather Be With You’ By Sinead Harnett is a R&B/indie pop type of music. I used to find a the typical audience that would listen to Sinead Harnett but I had to use Rita Ora as Sinead Harnett wasn’t on there. This has given me a bigger insight to what our target audience is and what their psychographics and demographics of them would be for our target audience. I would like my audience to have a preferred reading of our music video. We have put some symbols into our music video like the picking of the daisy leaves off, for a symbol of ‘I love you, I love you not’ this helps our audience to decode our music video and to be able to understand the music video more.

This gave me an insight to who the typical target audience is of the indie pop/R&B genre. I did this by using the YouGov website, the Demographics and Psychographics and the Blumler & Katz uses and gratification. The type of Demographic people that our audience would be classes as is skilled working class and lower middle class. Additionally, the psychographics of this type of music are mainstream and fun. Throughout our music video we have little hidden signs that they will need to pick up on and these demographic and psychographics are the perfect type of people to do this for our music video.


This is my dating profile that I made for a lady that would listen to Sinead Harnett, I made this to show the type of girl that would listen to Sinead Harnett and the different types of things that she is in to and likes doing.


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