Flow Chart And Preferred Template

As we are making our website, as a group we needed to create a layout so we know exactly how we want out website to look and what aspects we need to make sure we put into it to make it look as professional as it can. We then created this flow chart above to help create and organise our website so our typical RnB target audience will be able to engage and connect with the website.

Above is the layout we chose this included the following aspects we want to put into our website:

  • Home/Splash Page
  • Latest Work
  • About L.U.N.A
  • News
  • Tour Dates
  • Merchandise

After we created our flow chart we then needed to find the perfect website which we could create our own website on. We then signed onto wix.com and chose the right colour scheme and template which suited our genre and our artist exactly.

The image above is the template we chose to use for our website. It’s called “Music Video Director” we chose this one as it fitted our genre and star image the best and also the colour scheme goes well with our artist and genre.

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