Web Page Draft 1

Here is our first website design, our first draft was very successful, this was because we were able to collect enough images and information that fitted well with our artist and also went well with the design of our website. we managed to add in pages for photos, music videos, merchandise, tour dates, news and an about page about are artist. Additionally, we did self asses our website to give ourselves some feedback for our next draft:

  • Adding a few extra album covers that we have created.
  • Changing the background so they attention of the audience is drawn to the images and writing rather then the bright and bold background.
  • Make sure the navigation/menu bar is bigger and more noticeable.
  • Make more news stories, and possibly add some tweets?
  • Font wise – maybe keeping the big blocks to just the headings?
  • Add a review on the music video page, to give more information to the audience

This feedback will help us to make draft two even better and will make it even better and easier for our audience to be able to use and find out information about LUNA.

(Please click on the image to link to our website)

Here is our Final draft on of our webpage:

We have change our music video to make it look more professional, we change the colour scheme to make it fit in more with our star image. We also added more to our navigation bar to make it easier and quicker for our target audience to find their way around our website. We also added our digipak onto the home page of our website and our music video, this is because they are the main feature of our webpage and so that the audience can see our latest work.  We also added on more pages such as recent news, so the target audience can know about Luna’s recent news and these stories link to other pages such as MailOnline.


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