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Our Mission Statement

This is Luna’s mission statement:

L.U.N.A’s fearless and energetic personality represents her explosive new music as it hits the charts. Focusing on her fans and moving on to their modern day manifestations, a rainbow of indie hip hop styles will be explored.  With a target audience of  14 – 30 year olds, the young demographic will be exposed to her current chart topping indie pop/hip hop albums whilst new and upcoming indie artists following her work will have a platform to share their artistry and passion.

Our music video, ‘Rather Be With You,’ by Sinead Harnett, we came up with the mission statement above this is so we could show our audience, what type of characteristics and ideas that our target audience most relates to and portray what type of elements that they will be able to pick out. Our mission statement is important because we want it to target the right audience for Luna. Our mission statement of L.U.N.A, is seen in both our music video and digipack. We need to make sure that our mission statement hits the target audience that we want to focus on, the mission statement needs to be able to entice our audience through our use of mise-en-scene and the genre of our music video, which is pop/R&B. This is to convey that Luna is a out there performer and has her own quirky but she is just like one of the members of the public too. Additionally, Luna’s music is a mixture between pop/R&B so she will get a range of different audience members.

Digipak Conventions Analysis


Our music video, ‘Rather Be With You’ by Sinead Harnett is in the Indie pop/R&B genre. From knowing what our genre is i decided to do some more research on similar artists album cover, front and back. This has helped me to be pick out and understand some fairly obvious digipack conventions, things like a barcode, song names on the back, copyright writing and where it was made/produced. This has helped me be able to see what indie pop/R&B artists have on there album like the impacts of their own brand and what makes their target audience want to buy it. this is going to be able to help me create my own digipack for L.U.N.A and what type of brand and conventions i need to make out digipack stand out from the crowd. Above is my digipack convention analysis  of ‘LOUD’ by Rihanna.




Music Video Draft 4

This is our draft 4 for our music video, we have added lots more into our music video, including:

  • Video transitions
  • Lumetric colour, using colour wheels
  • Adjustment layers
  • After affects

After we had completed our final draft, we asked janis a media student to review our work on screencastify:

He told us what he liked in our video:

  • Mise-en-scene
  • The fast paced cuts in time with the rhythm
  • Burning daisy with the colour correction effects

Additionally, he told us that there wasn’t much we could improve on in our music video, but in the last minute of the video we could keep the pace the same as the start of the video as it has been like that throughout apart from in the last minute. This is what we will think about doing and improving in the next few days, so our music video can be the best it possibly can and so that it will also look the most professional it can.


  • In the last minute of the video we could keep the pace the same as the start of the video as it has been like that throughout apart from in the last minute.


Production Skills Evaluation 2

Throughout post-production of our music video, ‘Rather Be With You’ – By Sinead Harnett, Lenny came in to help us understand more effects we could us, as a professional creative director, these are some of the things that he showed us how do do:

  • The echo effect within Technical Skills
  • The adjustment layer with Technical Skills
  • The Vignette effect, that frames the image within Technical Skills

Overall, Lenny has helped us develop our skills in these different type of technical skills and editing skills.

In this first screenshot, we used colour correction to enhance the redness in this clip, this help to make the flower stand out more so that you can tell that flowers are a symbol throughout the music video. Lenny also showed us how to create a vignette around the outside of the frame. This makes it look like a  flashback which is the idea we are going for so the audience realises that its one of her flashback/dreamy moments, it also makes the rose stand out more drawing the audiences attention towards the rose more so they audience can kind of guess the symbols of love and happiness.


Additionally, Lenny also taught us how to do an echo on a clip. This makes a clip look more like a memory and a flashback for the audience watching the music video. We used these particular effects in our music video so that the audience can clearly see that the different clips are different flashbacks and memories for the two main characters rather then them thinking it is in real time. his helped me improve my technical skills and showed an improvement when I next went onto Premiere Pro.


In this last screenshot, we were cutting this using a transitional effect where the videos go over one another, which helps the transition go smoothly. It portrays one of the main characters having an amazing time with her boyfriend, this shows the audience what is going on in the storyline of the music video.

These are some more techniques Lenny helped us to learn while we were processing and creating out music video:

  • Using an echo effect
  • Creating an adjustment layer
  • Organising rushes
  • Colour Correcting
  • Using a vignette

Overall, this has helped me gain more knowledge in the post production skills and design skills from the feedback and techniques we have learnt from Lenny. This has helped us improve our music video a lot more and it now looks more professional because of the new skills we have learnt and added into the music video.

Music Video Draft 3

This is our third draft for our music video, we have our in our new performance clips that we shot at Scarlett’s house as these are better and we were much more happy with these clips and they were what we wanted in the first place. We have asked some other media students for feedback on what they thought the video were like, they all gave us three things we have done well and also three things we need to improve on:

Targets to improve on:

  • Make the story clearer
  • More narrative shots
  • Colour corrections
  • Use more locations

We are going to try and add these targets in to make our music video the best we can.

New PMA/storyboard

As a group we all decided that we needed to have a re-shoot of our performance as we weren’t happy with the outcome of some of our shots. One plus side of our first shoot is that we really liked her costume with the red top and black jeans, so we kept it like this as it was simple and we liked the matching make up to the top.

We didn’t need many images on our story board as we were confident in what we were doing and we full knew what we wanted when we were shooting. It was quite a short shoot as we knew what we were doing and didn’t have a lot of time to run over and do anymore extra shots. This is our second story board, shown below:

Feedback From Teacher

This is our Feedback from our teacher about our draft two music video.

She gives us feed back which is going to be very helpful when it comes to us making our next  few drafts:

Good points:

  • Editing to the beat works well
  • good lip sync
  • good match on action of brooks hands on lucks waist
  • lovely shot of Lucy on the swing
  • really nice close up of her crying
  • mise-en-scene with the picnic box


  • start off with a close up
  • have more close ups in performance
  • continuity edit with error with the rose
  • close ups with facial reactions in narrative
  • cutting back to his reaction
  • more close ups to show connection and clarity
  • point of view/match on actions of her on the swing
  • get rid of the long shot of Lucy dancing on the balcony (as its badly lit)
  • tracking shot of them walking through the flower pathway
  • transitioning through the camera to the next shot of them walking towards it.
  • hand held canted angles when they fall over to get the audience to connect with them more
  • continuity doesn’t work when they walk across the screen as they fell over before hand
  • close up of dog
  • cut to narrative when she isn’t singing words
  • reaction of him walking away
  • make it more obvious that brook has left her within the narrative
  • make the moment where it goes wrong
  • use the lyrics in the narrative (look into his eyes)
  • make a more obvious link as to why she throws the jumper back at brook, insure the audience know it is his jumper
  • more connection between the couple
  • tracking and dolly of the picnic box and the opening of packs
  • running light motifs throughout the piece to make it come altogether
  • focus more on the idea of them breaking up
  • display a clear deterioration of them splitting up
  • make the story more obvious earlier on in the video
  • running symbolism throughout of the flower (he loves me he loves me not, representing their rocky relationship)

Music Video Draft Two Includes Narrative


This is our draft two including narrative.

This draft two shows a big improvement from our last draft. This is because we have included the narrative and also lip synced the music to her singing. This draft is what our music video could look like but it still needs loads of improvements:

Points that went really well:

  • Mise-en-scene
  • Lip sync
  • Editing to the beat
  • Good, aesthetic scenery

Points that need improvements:

  • More close-ups
  • Better facial reactions
  • Continuity

We will take all these things into consideration when we come to put together and film our next shots and put the video together.

Audience Ideologies

The song that we are using ‘Rather Be With You’ By Sinead Harnett is a R&B/indie pop type of music. I used to find a the typical audience that would listen to Sinead Harnett but I had to use Rita Ora as Sinead Harnett wasn’t on there. This has given me a bigger insight to what our target audience is and what their psychographics and demographics of them would be for our target audience. I would like my audience to have a preferred reading of our music video. We have put some symbols into our music video like the picking of the daisy leaves off, for a symbol of ‘I love you, I love you not’ this helps our audience to decode our music video and to be able to understand the music video more.

This gave me an insight to who the typical target audience is of the indie pop/R&B genre. I did this by using the YouGov website, the Demographics and Psychographics and the Blumler & Katz uses and gratification. The type of Demographic people that our audience would be classes as is skilled working class and lower middle class. Additionally, the psychographics of this type of music are mainstream and fun. Throughout our music video we have little hidden signs that they will need to pick up on and these demographic and psychographics are the perfect type of people to do this for our music video.


This is my dating profile that I made for a lady that would listen to Sinead Harnett, I made this to show the type of girl that would listen to Sinead Harnett and the different types of things that she is in to and likes doing.


Production Skills Evaluation 1

Throughout the whole process of creating our music video, ‘Rather Be With You’ – By Sinead Harnett and creating the production and post-production of our music video, I have started to understand and improved my:

  • Design skills within Premiere Pro when Editing
  • Cinematography techniques
  • My angles when Filming different types of shots

Overall this has helped me to develop my skills and also to get more confidence when using the skills, it has also helped me learn more about each skill I’ve used. These are some new techniques that I have learnt while processing our music video:

  • The more close ups you use the better, you could never have too many
  • Edit to the rhythm
  • making sure you have enough footage for both the narrative and the performance, you can never have too much footage.
  • make sure the music video makes sense and that your target audience will be able to follow the narrative.

Overall, I have also got more knowledge in my design skills from feedback from my teacher, this is going to help me be able to develop our video as we keep filming and editing it together as a group.

In this first screen shot I was trying to make the passing of the rose to the rhythm of the beat. This makes the continuity of the video better and also keeps the shot at a reasonable length to make the audience concentrate on it more.

In this second screenshot I was trying to lip sync her lips to the lyrics of the music. This was to make sure that the video looked real and natural so that it looks professional enough to be a “real” music video.

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