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Creative Critical Reflection 3

How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

This is our CCR 3 which we’ve addressed the questions such as;

  • Who are your target audience?
    • What are their ideologies?
  • What is your brand identity / missions statement?
  • How does the design / content of your three products fulfil your audience’s uses and gratification?
  • How do the products speak to the audience and try to create a relationship with them?
  • Consider AIDA and Blumler and Katz
  • Staurt Hall, Richard Dyer, Jay Blumler + Elihu Katz and Gerald Lacey
  • What record label would suit your star the best?
  • What marketing strategies would you use to create buzz around your album lunch?
  • How would you reach your target audience?
  • How are you likely to make your star profitable?

We therefore created a vlog to answer all these questions in a relaxed atmosphere.


Creative Critical Reflection 2

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

Our CCR2 was how we created our sense of branding within our music video, digipack and website. We compiled a list of ways the elements of our production work has worked together to create a sense of the branding, through the colour schemes, styles and narrative of each of our three products. We then created a video essay, showing the music video, digipack and website while explaining our brand through a voiceover.

Web Page Draft 1

Here is our first website design, our first draft was very successful, this was because we were able to collect enough images and information that fitted well with our artist and also went well with the design of our website. we managed to add in pages for photos, music videos, merchandise, tour dates, news and an about page about are artist. Additionally, we did self asses our website to give ourselves some feedback for our next draft:

  • Adding a few extra album covers that we have created.
  • Changing the background so they attention of the audience is drawn to the images and writing rather then the bright and bold background.
  • Make sure the navigation/menu bar is bigger and more noticeable.
  • Make more news stories, and possibly add some tweets?
  • Font wise – maybe keeping the big blocks to just the headings?
  • Add a review on the music video page, to give more information to the audience

This feedback will help us to make draft two even better and will make it even better and easier for our audience to be able to use and find out information about LUNA.

(Please click on the image to link to our website)

Here is our Final draft on of our webpage:

We have change our music video to make it look more professional, we change the colour scheme to make it fit in more with our star image. We also added more to our navigation bar to make it easier and quicker for our target audience to find their way around our website. We also added our digipak onto the home page of our website and our music video, this is because they are the main feature of our webpage and so that the audience can see our latest work.  We also added on more pages such as recent news, so the target audience can know about Luna’s recent news and these stories link to other pages such as MailOnline.


Evaluation of web design application

When we were creating our web page we found it quite difficult as we never had a lesson on using This meant that we had to play around with different tools on the page. This took up quite a lot of time as we had to make sure we got our star image correct and made sure our fonts and colours went together well, and made sure they attracted our right target audience.

Throughout the making of our webpage we used the add tool so we could keep adding different images and texts onto our webpage. Once we had found this tool, it was very easy to use it as we made a basic website and helped us know what we could put where and where we could place different aspects of the website.

The next thing we learnt was how to add on extra pages to the website, once we decided what we wanted on our website we created pages for:

  • A home page
  • Latest Work, this included our music video we created
  • Merchandise
  • About Luna
  • Social Media Sites for Luna
  • Tour Dates

Overall these basic tools helped us to create our website, including different backgrounds, colour schemes, images and texts suitable to our star image and genre. This has helped us to be able to learn more about Wix and be able to make our webpage go with our star image and genre.

Flow Chart And Preferred Template

As we are making our website, as a group we needed to create a layout so we know exactly how we want out website to look and what aspects we need to make sure we put into it to make it look as professional as it can. We then created this flow chart above to help create and organise our website so our typical RnB target audience will be able to engage and connect with the website.

Above is the layout we chose this included the following aspects we want to put into our website:

  • Home/Splash Page
  • Latest Work
  • About L.U.N.A
  • News
  • Tour Dates
  • Merchandise

After we created our flow chart we then needed to find the perfect website which we could create our own website on. We then signed onto and chose the right colour scheme and template which suited our genre and our artist exactly.

The image above is the template we chose to use for our website. It’s called “Music Video Director” we chose this one as it fitted our genre and star image the best and also the colour scheme goes well with our artist and genre.

Website Previous Students Work

I have chosen to analysis this students website that is called ‘The XX’. I have chosen to analyse this piece of students work as it is very similar to my genre of music and also the website has a similar colour pallet and theme that we would like to run through our website. This website is very easy to look around and find the right aspects that you were looking for. From just looking on their home page the colour pallet of the whole website is already focused on their latest music video.

Additionally, from just looking on the home page you can see that the leaderboard is used with a very simply but affective font, to show the band of an alternative genre, this also portrays the brand image as they are an original brand but with their own quirky and unique ways. The home page also gives you a navigation bar which takes you to the specific section that you want to go to instead of searching or scrolling down all the pages for a particular section you are looking for. There is also a hero shot on the home page which you would expect to find on a artists website, along with tour dates of when the are touring, links to social media and also their own merchandise, these aspects of the website are all used to create the artists brand image.

Furthermore, from the above the fold to the below the fold the colour pallet of the website is carried all the way through the website pages. This helps the genre to be shown throughout the website and also so that the target audience can connect with the artist more and understand what they like and wha they do.

Moreover, the use of brand image is also shown through the cinematography, as most of this websites shots are shot through mid shot and the images are very quirky and original conveying the artists unique side and style, this helps the target audience have a conventional reading of this website as they understand the genre of the website and also the artist.

Also, throughout the website they show their brand image well but they could do with putting some more pull factors into their work, this would help them entice their target audience more, even though they have added in their own music video it would be nice to look at some more of their own work to draw the target audience in even more. They could also put in some push factors to their website this will help them to command their target audience to do specific things for the artist themselves, if they asked the audience to ‘watch’ their music video, this helps them to further entertain and inform their target audience.

Finally, from analysing this previous students work it has allowed me to further my knowledge of what we need to put int our website to make it the best it possibly can, it has helped me realise that we need to make sure we display the brand image perfectly so it attracts the right target audience. Also, we need to make sure we put in the right colourcinematography and specific website elements, to make sure it comes out just how we want ours to be.



Web Page Conventions

Above is our screencastify of our analysis of Sigala’s wesite.

By analysing this website it has helped us be able to understand the different website conventions that we need to make sure we include on our web page. Throughout our screencastify we spoke about some aspects that Blumer and Katz mentioned what will entertain and inform there target audience in there media conventions, including conventions like the uses and gratifications and the websites target audience. This has helped us more with our knowledge of websites technical forms and it has also helped us to see how we need to design our website to attract our target audience.

Website Terminology

On this slide show shows some website terminology that i have learnt so far about webpages.  I have chosen to analyse Rita Oras and Post Malones websites to be able to pick out the different technical forms and website conventions that both of the different websites use. This will help me when i come to creating my own website to know what aspects and features to put in it, to make it look professional.

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