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Permission From Artist

Here is our email asking Sinead Harnett permission to ask if we can use her song in our music video. this is to make sure they know that there is going to be no copyright issues and to make sure the artists allows us permission to use her song.

Visual Shot List for Performance shoot

This is our performance shot list, which show nine images of three different music video shots, the music videos are:

  • Friends – Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie
  • If You Let Me – Sinead Harnett ft. GRADES
  • Wolves – Selena Gomez ft. Marshmello

We created this slide show to show what nine different types of shots we wanted to produce in our music video and also the type of approach we would like to use whilst producing our own music video. We did this to envision what our own music video is going to look like and also to make sure that we are sticking to our genre and not swaying off into another one. We looked at these type of shots as they are suitable to our performance and they help us imagine the layout of our music video and the amount of shots we have to take when shooting. This will ensure that we get enough coverage for our whole music video.

Test Shoots

This is our video for our test shoots for our music video:

What went well:

  • Our actor could lip sync well and took note on everything we asked her to do.
  • We used a different variation of shots, for example close ups and long shots.
  • We used a lot if different angles of shots, for example high angle and low angle.

Five targets that we have come up with to make our music video better are:

  • Use a better location to make the mise-en-scene and to make it fit in with the genre more.
  • We had to fill in some empty spaces with transitions, which we don’t want to do.
  • We would make sure the mise-en-scene fitted with the song and the costume fit with the genre.
  • We need to make our transitions smoother to make it look more professional but we were just playing around with them to see what they looked like in this test shoot.
  •  In our real music video we would use filters and edit the clips to make them more exciting and aesthetically blessing to the audience.


Pitch and Feedback

This is our conversation with our teacher about the our first pitch about our music video. From our conversation Mrs Cobb had some very positive feedback and she also had some concerns about it.

Some of our targets are:

  • Finalise our actors.
  • Chose final ideas for our narrative and specific details.
  • We need to think of specific ideas for our mise-en-scene.
  • We need to think of specific ideas for the performance and locations for it.
  • Need to get specific dates that everyone can come to for filming days
  • we all need to decide together what shots we want to compose and where.


Final Song Choice

Our final song choice is “Rather Be With You” by Sinead Harnett.

Throughout choosing this song for our music video we all but our combined ideas into the pitch and we all created and have realistic ideas of what we want our music video to be like, we all have similar images in our heads and on our pitch to make it the best video we can make it. Making this pitch for our music video made us all start working together as a team and already starting to get our organisation together for the whole of the music video.

Our pitch includes:

  • Moodboards.
  • All of our ideas put together as one.
  • Narrative suggestions.
  • Performance suggestions.
  • Mise-en scene, editing and cinematography suggestions.

This is our pitch below:


Song Short List and Moodboards

My music video group is with Scarlett and Heather, this is Heather’s music video pitch:

Heather’s music video pitch was on the song “Finesse (remix)” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B and it is the pop genre, her initial idea was based in the summer holidays with outdoor activities with their friends all having fun and it would have been all filmed on a GoPro.

This is Scarlett’s music video pitch:

Scarlett’s initial music video pitch idea was based on the song “Rather Be With You|” by Sinead Harnett which is pop. Her idea was based to film on a relationship which is falling apart which we see throughout different polaroid pictures and through flashbacks.

From looking at all of our pitches we all have quite similar ideas for the narrative and the performance of our music video, we all have a similar genre on our pitches which is pop/R&B so our ideas and thoughts are all very similar for what we want our music video to turn out like and the narrative behind it.

Perfect Production Group

This agreement is very important to our music video group as we now know what we can all do and who is better at what aspects in our group, we can look back at this to reminds ourselves what we’re all good and what we have agreed on for our video. This will help us to also decide which bits we will take on individually or as a whole group, it shows are strengths and weaknesses as a group put together as one.

Evaluation Of Previous Student’s Music Video


  • Holding A Steady Shot – upper level 4

I would give the holding a steady shot, a upper level four, this is because the eye line match with the camera and the narrative, the shots go well with the rhythm of the music. The use of the tripod’s for holding a steady shot worked with the close up and mis-shots to portray the videos narrative and the characters narrative, for example when he is close up to the camera at the start conveys the start of the story of the video, it gives the audience a sense of what is going to go on in the rest of the music video, and the narrative that is behind the video. Holding a steady shot in a close up gives the sense of authority and who’s the alfa male is in the whole narrative of the story.

  • Framing A Shot – upper level 4

For framing a shot I would give them a upper level 4, this is because they have used silhouettes of the cavemen which portrays the narrative of the whole music video they also used different low angled shots to show the excitement and high key attitude they have towards the song, it shows their passion and enthusiasm towards the video. They also used rule of thirds when they first start off the video to introduce the cavemen, this shows the main line of interest throughout the music video as the cavemen are the one of the main focuses throughout the music video.

  • Variety Of Shot Distances – upper level 4

The video includes lots of close ups of the cave mans faces, mid shots of them dancing around the each other and also long shots of them dancing around the fire, but they could have included some extreme long shots to make it even more exciting.  They also use a lot of extreme close ups of the drawings on the walls and of the mens faces to create a lot of narrative between the different aspects in the music video.

  • Appropriate To Task – lower level 4

This video consists of very conventional products and it is clearly reflects the genre of indie folk, the acting goes exactly with the video and the connotations of the music it illustrates the music well and fits the genre perfectly. It also all links very well and no one every looks like they don’t understand what to do, they all have a part to play in the video. Overall, the video all fits really well together and looks professional.

  • Mise-en-scene Selection – upper level 4

Throughout the whole music video he mise-en-scene worked really well throughout, I gave it an upper level 4, the colours of the settings and the costumes, the face paint really works with the theme of the music video and also the acting of them all dancing around the fires and the drums brings together the whole music video as it portrays what is going on in it and brings the genre out of the video more. it creates the whole narrative of the music video as the costumes and make up really go with the song and the whole narrative, it brings the whole story together more, with the props of the drums, fire and the necklaces makes the audience realise what the music video is on about and that it is an indie folk piece of work.

  • Editing For Meaning – lower level 4

The editing of the music video is very good I gave it an lower level 4, it goes well with the music and the transitions of the different locations are placed well, the flicking back and forward to the different locations on the different beats conveys the fast moving attitude of the video. They always try to keep to the rhythm of the music which there edit shows and portrays throughout the whole video. The different beats of the music are used well with the transitions of the editing, on the different beats the transitions are smoothly change through with the different sounds of the music. The editing to different locations is also done well as it is always dark outside or its at dusk so they location change is smooth and the editing is done well so we don’t have a really big skip to different places.

  • Shot Transitions – upper level 4

I gave the shot transitions a upper level 4, this is because throughput the whole music video the transition of them moving in and out of other shots are perfect and they all link well together. They all link well and normally go out of focus before quickly moving on the the next transition of the video. They also use a dissolve in a few of there sections to change it up and create more interest in the video. The transitions used show the skills they have used in editing and it creates the narrative of the indie folk genre more, it allows the music video to flow more as it creates smooth transitions throughout the video.

  • Sound With images – lower level 4

I gave there sound with image a lower level 4, this is because all the lip syncing was done perfectly apart from a few bit when certain people were lip syncing. The timing of them performing was done perfectly and it looks very professional, and everything worked well together with the story line of the music video. The beat of the sound of the music was used very well along with the acting and performing of the video, it all fitted well together and nothing looked out of place as it went with the genre of the music video as well as the main narrative of the video.




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