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Digipak Conventions Analysis


Our music video, ‘Rather Be With You’ by Sinead Harnett is in the Indie pop/R&B genre. From knowing what our genre is i decided to do some more research on similar artists album cover, front and back. This has helped me to be pick out and understand some fairly obvious digipack conventions, things like a barcode, song names on the back, copyright writing and where it was made/produced. This has helped me be able to see what indie pop/R&B artists have on there album like the impacts of their own brand and what makes their target audience want to buy it. this is going to be able to help me create my own digipack for L.U.N.A and what type of brand and conventions i need to make out digipack stand out from the crowd. Above is my digipack convention analysis  of ‘LOUD’ by Rihanna.