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Narrative Development

This is our narrative development slide that we have filled in, we will be filming our narrative on Tuesday. this includes the beginning, middle and end of our story line. This portrays are amplified narrative of what we are trying to create in our music video. the slide show is going to help us create our story board so we know exactly what we are going to be shooting on the day. This has also helped us to be able to see and create the different themes of the music video, the different conflicts that are going to happen between the three of them and also the message that we want to show through the video.

It has also helped us to develop our narrative ideas as Lucy and Brook are acting as girlfriend and boyfriend but then that falls apart and Lucy “hooks up” with Liam but it will then end on a cliff hanger conveying their changes in moods throughout the whole video. In the end we will only see two people walking away from the camera as this will make the audience want to know what is going on and watch it again to try and work out what is going on.



Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is draft one for our performance that we filmed last Friday. we put together a variety of different clips together from our shoot. we used different shots to show our wide range of different shot distances.

I found that we worked well as a team and we all took it in terms to work with the models and to also shoot the models, this helped us to create the content that we have shown in our short one minute footage clip.

what went well:

  • costume and make-up
  • co-ordination of the make up and costume
  • mise-en-scene
  • actors taking it seriously

what we could improve for next time:

  • make sure we know what the weather is going to be like as our actors got very cold in what the were wearing but it went with our genre well.
  • mak sure the lighting is correct as some clips were too dark and not well lit
  • it wasn’t in a set location as we had already planned for it to be originally
  • we need to make sure we shoot in a not so busy location as people kept walking infant of the camera and ruining the shot.

Overall, the performance went very well as we did get some good shots but some of them were ones we didn’t really like as its not what we imagined it to be like due to are original idea being in a set location, but we are able to shot our performance again as we can use Scarlett’s Ballroom at her house which we wanted to use in the first plan. this fits and suits are genre perfectly and should go smoothly as we now know that our actors fit perfectly to our genre.


Shoot Reflection (performance)

Here are some photos from our performance/location shoot:


Heather, Scarlett and I went out and shot our performance on top of the market place balcony with Lucy and Brook acting.

Reflection from the shoot:

  • Throughout our shoot our mise-en-scene was very effective as we matched Lucy’s costume to her make-up to convey the character well and also we made the smallest changes to her eyeshadow to her shoe and top colour, this shows that we are open and willing to change the littlest things to get the best results for our music video.
  • we also created a range of shots in a variety of different locations based on the same balcony but you wouldn’t be able to tell. overtime we changed locations we change the mise-en-scene of the actor.


  • Our actor was very cold during the whole of the shoot due to her clothing as it was very summery, this showed throughout some of the last clips as she wasn’t as enthusiastic with the acting part of the performance. We will make sure the costumes are weather appropriate next time so this doesn’t happen next time.

Star Image Planning

This is our group star image mood board about Sinead Harnett. Throughout this mood board we have produced it shows the meta-narrative of our artists that we are for our song.

Through analysing Sinead Harnett in a lot of detail we found out that she has a very busy and full on media life, she also has a normal life like we all have in her own spare time. Her star image represents her as a very chilled, down to earth and a relaxed person when she isn’t performing. She is always on social media to her fans and that when her fans can know what she is up to and see what she is up to. Her star image is also changed when she is put in her branded wear and is shown to be very fashionable when she is performing as she is paid to wear them, but she may also wear them outside of her performing too.





Risk Assessment

This is our risk assessment for our performance shoot, we did this so it showed to our teachers that we have thought about everything that could go wrong and so that it could prevent potential risks for us. We have also thought about where we were going on the day, so we had a timetable to keep to.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

This week we had a professional creative film maker in from Specsavers. He showed us different technical skills and creative ideas that we can use to make our music video even better and more professional looking.

He gave us some ideas on premier pro of how to bleed images together and also how to turn images and how to zoom into the images on editing instead of doing it when we are filming. He also showed us how to mask the clips and also ghosting the clips to give them more impact.

Overall, Lenny really like our ideas and thought that are narrative had a really good story behind it. He also really liked the idea of using the polaroids and zooming into them to the main clips to show the different separate stories.

Lenny giving us these creative ideas and technical skills has really helped us to be able to envision our music video more and to be able to create the perfect music video for us, we can now produce the perfect clip for each of the polaroids with the correct technical editing skills.


Genre Conventions Analysis

This is our genre conventions analysis which we used VoiceThread to show our slideshow and to add comments onto it. This is going to help us develop our music video and it has helped to show how much research we have had to put into it. It gives us a blueprint of what we need to include in our music video and to make sure we know are genre really well. The different repertoire of elements we had to include to make sure we had enough information about are genre are listed below.

We included subjects such as:

  • Narrative
  • Star Image
  • Music
  • Themes
  • Mise-En-Scene
  • Camera techniques
  • Edit/Effects
  • Website design and art






Permission From Artist

Here is our email asking Sinead Harnett permission to ask if we can use her song in our music video. this is to make sure they know that there is going to be no copyright issues and to make sure the artists allows us permission to use her song.

Visual Shot List for Performance shoot

This is our performance shot list, which show nine images of three different music video shots, the music videos are:

  • Friends – Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie
  • If You Let Me – Sinead Harnett ft. GRADES
  • Wolves – Selena Gomez ft. Marshmello

We created this slide show to show what nine different types of shots we wanted to produce in our music video and also the type of approach we would like to use whilst producing our own music video. We did this to envision what our own music video is going to look like and also to make sure that we are sticking to our genre and not swaying off into another one. We looked at these type of shots as they are suitable to our performance and they help us imagine the layout of our music video and the amount of shots we have to take when shooting. This will ensure that we get enough coverage for our whole music video.

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