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So How Did It Go?

I have finally finished my music magazine. Throughout, my music magazine I have made new and improved improvements throughout, through my front page, contents page and double page spread. I can see big improvements in all my pages due to me developing new skills in adobe photoshop and InDesign. Additionally, I always kept to the main colour scheme of my magazine and never used different colour that I thought wouldn’t go with my magazine, I made sure that my images weren’t blurry so it didn’t make my magazine look unconventional and unprofessional.

My feedback from my peers and my teacher has made my magazine improve in many ways as they see problems that I don’t see all the time. All my feedback has helped me to improve my magazine to make it the best I could. I have enjoyed making my magazine as I have been able to produce my own professional magazine. This has taught me to use different skills that I would never had used if I didn’t produce my ‘Indigo’ magazine.

So… How’s It Going?

My genre of indie pop is clearly represented through my choice of fonts, colour scheme, title and mise-en-scene through my images and my star image and also the location of where the photos were taken plays a big part of the mise-en-scene of the photo, these are typically things related to an indie pop magazine. My front cover, content page an double page spread represent my brand and what story I am trying to create throughout my magazine.

Furthermore, throughout my front cover, contents page and double page spread, I have try to  use the same colour scheme to make sure I keep to the indie pop genre and so my audience realise what type of magazine it is and also through the main title of ‘Indigo’ this also gives off the indie pop feel. Also, my images have either been softened in Photoshop or I have added a border to them to make them look less harsh so they look less jaggered and fit into the pages more.

Design Skills 2

I have now finished my double page spread and I have learnt how to use more tools on Photoshop and InDesign to make my double page spread look the best it possibly can.

One of the techniques I used on InDesign was adding in columns. This makes my page have two separate columns which are even in size so my magazine looks even where I write my article. I make columns on InDesign by pressing on ‘layout’ then ‘margins an columns’ in the top right of InDesign.

In InDesign I used the ‘ellipse’ tool to create my circle for my main cover star to be placed in so my star image is in the centre of my double page spread on the left hand page so she stands out and the focus of my star image is just on her, I also used the ‘ellipse’ tool to create my pugs so they stood out and can be seen easily by my reader.

Furthermore, I also created borders around my insets of my main cover star to make her stand out more, I created borders around my images by making the outline of the image bigger by using the ‘pt’ and making it thicker and the ‘type’ of the line to thick, then I changed the colour of the border by changing the colour that said ‘none’ to the colour of my choice by either having to make my own swatch or using one of there own already made colours.


I also used a new skill in Photoshop, this allowed me to use the different type of brushes to create a line affect behind my caption at the top of my magazine, this allows my caption to stand out more and draw my readers eye to it. I used a fan shaped brush to create the look I wanted to for behind my caption.

Overall, these new skills have helped me when I have come to make my magazine fit into my genre of indie pop and my star image.  These new skills have helped me to improve my magazine as without them I wouldn’t be where I am now with my magazine. I feel like my magazine is indie pop enough and that is shown through my magazine colours and the fonts I have used, without InDesign I could not have produced these techniques and my magazine would be dull and not support my narrative. I feel like my fonts, colours, insets, pugs and images all fit in with my narrative and show the audience what they want to see in an indie pop magazine. I have shown through my star images my genre of indie pop, I have shown my stars to be excitable and fun but also the serious side of them when it comes to my front cover, to portray the story all the way through my front cover, content page and my double page spread, this shows there confidence and quirkiness in my indie pop magazine and in my images of my models.

Design Skills 1

Before I started my A level media course I had never come across Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe bridge. Now without these applications on my computer I wouldn’t be where I am now with my music magazine. I first  used bridge to create my contact sheets for my first and second photo shoots to show my audience what photos I produced and what angles and lighting I uses to produce them. I used Photoshop to cut out my main cover star and to soften around her as she looked to sharp to fit in with my indie pop genre. I then placed my photos in InDesign to design my magazine around my cover stars.

Firstly, I used Photoshop to cut out my main cover star, I uses the ‘magic wand tool’, the ‘quick selection tool’ and the ‘lasso’ tool cut out the background of my image to make the background  transparent so it was easier to place on my front page and also so I could overlap captions or plugs on my image without there being a white background on the image. then I went around the edge of my image with the ‘eraser’ to soften the edges to give it a softer feel instead of it being so jaggered and sharp, so it looked more realistic to my reader.


I have learnt that on InDesign it is crucial that you make your main cover star your main priority because that is that your audience is mainly going to be looking at when they pickup and buying your magazine. But I also used InDesign to create the different colours, shapes and fonts to create the best front page, contents page and double page spread that I possibly can. I chose three fonts from InDesign that I thought portrayed my indie pop genre the best and that the fonts fit in with my magazine the best, so my reader van get a real feel of what story I’m trying to convey throughout the whole of my magazine. I have also learnt how to add in text to my magazine using the ‘text’ tool which allows you to draw a box and create text where ever you like on your page.


Finally, I have realised that bridge, Photoshop and InDesign are going to help me further my knowledge in media but it is also going to help me complete my music magazine and help me in my further year of media.

So… I am ready to photograph my star

When I am preparing my star to photograph, I have realised that mise-en-scene has a big part to play in my photo shoot:

  • My models costume has to be suitable to the genre
  • My model needs to act in a certain way according to my genre
  • Lighting needs to be used to get the best photos of my model
  • Props like sunglasses and a stall will be used to show the best indie pop look
  • The setting will be related to indie pop, after I have photoshopped the background onto my magazine, the background will be travel/outdoor related.

When I photograph my model I will used different camera techniques to gain the best angles and images associated with my indie pop genre. I will use some camera techniques that I have learnt. For example: Mid close-up, Mid long shot, Mid shot, Close up, Canted angle, Low angle and Long shot.  The position/stance of my model will also have to be related to indie pop as she can’t look to fierce but she can’t look to relaxed as otherwise the genre of the magazine will not go with the model.

I will use mine-en-scene and camera techniques into my photoshoot to get the best outcome and to improve the look of my indie pop magazine.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

In the future when I come to make my final magazine cover, I will need to think about a range of different aspects to be able to catch my target audiences eye. I will need to think about the different fonts, colours and images I intended to put on my magazine cover. I will also need to think about the aspects of my genre as I will need to keep my audience attracted to my magazine while still making it stand out to the crowd but still putting in the typical genre aspects of it. I need to make sure that through my magazine cover I make a story out of it as the narrative plays a very big part to play in catching my target audiences attention.

I also need to remember to include different types of language like superlatives to attract my target audience and I also need to use the different aspects of demographics and psychographic and also remember to lay out my magazine cover in a way that will entice my target audience to want to be more interested in it. I will also need to make sure that for my images the lighting, positioning, eyeline and costume is perfect for what my genre is and what my target audience will be expecting.

I will also use my skills of photoshop and indesign to make my poster look the most professional it can and attract my audience to be enticed into wanting to read my magazine.

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