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Communicating my brand

This is my Pinterest board about indie pop. I made this board so I could show my audience the type of colour schemes, typefaces, musicians, bands and headlines that I could use when I come to producing my own magazine. Creating this Pinterest board has helped me to realise what are the main colours associated with indie pop are and what images and feelings are affiliated with this genre of music. From my Pinterest board, I have decided that pastel pale colours could possibly be a topic in my magazine as they are very common in all the images I have chosen to use relating to indie pop. Also, they wear very oversized clothing and a lot of denim like jeans or a denim jacket, but still the pastel colour is a theme through out the clothing as well, this is going to help me when I come to take photos of my main cover star as I now know what clothing is associated with the indie pop genre. I am going to use Hasley, Lorde and Lana Del Rey as inspirations for my main cover stars image and costume. I’m going to use outside as my background as all the indie pop ideas are related to the sea, clouds or travelling.

Please click on my link below to view my board fully.


My Audience Profiling

When I was trying to find out what and ho my target audience would be for my magazine I went onto I then put in ‘Lorde’ a very popular indie pop artist. I then used her profile to find out her what her audience hobbies, interests and activities they enjoy doing are. This is going to help me when I come to do my magazine so I will know how to entice the audience to make my magazine more interesting for them.

Branding Ideas and Mission Statement

I have chosen to do indie pop as my genre as I can relate to this music the most as I enjoy listening to:

  • Lorde
  • Lana Del Ray
  • Beyonce (Lemonade)
  • Marina and The Diamonds
  • Tinashe

I’ve decided to call my magazine Indigo like indie-go because I think it fits well with new upcoming artists as they will be the new revolution of indie pop, I will be enticing the future indie pop lovers and the older ones to want to listen to it more and to buy my magazine.

I also completed a world cloud to help me find a name for my magazine, this helped me as it gave me an idea of what words were associated with indie pop. I finally decided to call my magazine ‘Indigo’ as I thought this showed my mission statement well and went with it the most. I was going to call my magazine ‘IPR’ (indie pop revolution) but I decided not too because it wasn’t as catchy and relevant as indigo is to my magazine.

Mission Statement:

Indigo will be all about the new and up coming pop artists, focusing on new releases from the indie pop world.  the young generation will be inundated with the style, background, fashion and ideologies of the genre.  To add to their involvement, the readers will be able to benefit from exclusive tour date information and album release dates.  Indigo will be the go to place for all indie pop fans.

Previous Students Work

To help me when I come to creating my own music magazine, I decided to look over some previous students work, they were asked to create, a front cover, contents page and a double page spread.

I will be analysing ‘Mixtape’ which is shown below.

  • Camera and Photoshop

As the front cover shows the main cover star with her back towards us implying to the audience that she may be insurcure and not a very open person but this could intrigue the audience to want to buy the magazine and find out more about the star. We do find out more about her in the double page spread of the magazine as we get the star facing forwards but she is not looking directly at the camera. Both of these images have also been photoshopped and paced on plain background to make the main cover star stand out, we can’t see that the editor has photoshopped which is a good thing as it shows that they know how to use it and have a good understanding of how it works, which is shown in their magazine. Furthermore, the use of different frames are used to portray the meaning of different type of rock as the editor uses of canted angles and POV to show the reader the different typical rock n roll poses they do to show this type of genre.

  • Mise-en-scene

The mise-en-scene shown in this music magazine represents the rock n roll genre. The use of the man cover stars costume and prop of the guitar presents a very rock n roll look as all of the rockstars are normally carrying a guitar which shows the continuous theme of the genre rock n roll. The colours of the magazine are the the typically rock n roll colours of black, white and red conveying the rockstar look of the magazine. The lighting of the images in the magazine are all quite a dark colours implying the gloomy but punk rock theme of the magazine. The setting of the magazine is in quite a plain setting but it catches the audience eye as the brick wall stands out but portrays the rock n roll genre.

  • Engaging The Audience (text)

On the front cover of the magazine the the text is very big and bold enticing the reader to want to read the magazine. The fonts are very jagged like the rock n roll music as it changes a lot like the fonts do conveying this reason. The text on the contents page are very short and snappy which also conveys the rock n roll genre, the popular artists names are written at the top of the contents page to draw the audiences attention towards them as then it will make the audience want to read the magazine more if they see their favourite artist. The text is also been placed onto the magazine using indesign to create the typeface and text to create the final magazines cover, contents page and double page spread.

  • DTP to integrate images and text

Throughout the magazine the editor would have used indesign to make this magazine. Overall, through the whole magazine there aren’t many images used but the ones that are used are related to the rock n roll genre and the mystery of them attract the audience to want to find out more about the whole magazine. Additionally, the text stands out very well from the background and the typeface stays well with the whole rock n roll theme, again engaging the audience to want to know about the magazine and read it.

Overall, this magazine will help me when I come to make my own music magazine as it has mainly al the success criteria in it that you need to gain full marks on this magazine. The magazine could do with some more photos in it to engage with the reader more, but that is the only downside to this magazine. as I have analysed this magazine, it is going to help me when I come to produce my own front cover, contents page and double page spread as I will know what I have to include to gain the highest marks possible.

A Front Cover Analysed


Metal Hammer is a heavy metal music magazine for middle aged men. I analysed this music magazine cover and found out the different fonts, images, language and colours all have different meaning to the cover which will attract the right target audience for this type of magazine cover. The main cover image is shown to be the main cover stars as well, this shows to the audience that this magazine is mainly going to be about them, there is no one else on the front to steal their thunder, so the audiences eyes will not go wondering onto any other topic’s, its all about them. They are also located right in the middle of the magazine to imply their importance to the magazine. They are the hierarchy of the magazine. It is always important to know who you are trying to aim your magazine cover at, the target audience is very important so you can associate the magazine to the typical audience and suit it to them, which will help increase the sales of the magazine.

Overall, this will help me when I come to do my own music magazine as I will now know how to relate my magazine to the right target audience and I will know how to connect with my target audience as to what genre I am going to produce.

To see my analysis in full please click on it.

Audience Profiling

This is an analysis of a indie/pop music magazine. We found out that the target audience is females between 18-25 years old and they are from the upper class, upper-middle class and lower middle class with a left wing politics view that have less than £125 spare. It’s not only the demographics that count but it is also the psycho graphics. From this analysis I have found out that if we stick to these’s demographics and psycho graphics we will connect with the right target audience to entice our audience to want to read our magazine.

This will help me now as I now know how to connect with my audience and know what they will like to see in our magazine.

The design features of a magazine


Magazine front covers always have the conventions of different fonts, colours, images and headings. Here we learnt learnt the technical terms of the different aspects of a magazine, the masthead, pug, cover lines, main cover star, plug, main cover story, insets, captions, price, barcode, issue/date. For example, the masthead ‘Kerrang’ is loud and aggressive shown through the big bold font and the capital letters and the main cover stars are shown as a rebellious young group of  men  looking straight into the camera to engage with the audience and to portray the rock theme.

These will help me when it comes to me producing my own music magazine cover as I now know the technical conventions of the different part of the magazine covers.

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