Draft Of The Double Page Spread

Above is a Jpeg and  PDF of the first draft of my double page spread.

My Feedback…

  • Like the layout yet think it is bland.
  • The quote on the picture needs more detail, find a way to make it more interesting.
  • Add graphic illustrations
  • Add more eye catching things
  • Add in more detailed or more quotes

My Targets…

  • Change the layout of my article, put the introduction in bold and take it out of a column (standfirst)
  • Fix line spacing in questions
  • Put in the drop cap to the first letter of the article
  • Overall add something more interesting in
  • Add page number
  • Byline
  • Include who the photography is by

A Page Spread should contain…

  • An article centred around a celebrity
  • Images of the celebrity
  • Page numbers
  • Title
  • Standfirst
  • Byline
  • Information for the reader

Generally, I like where my double page spread is heading however, there are many aspects that I can improve to make the most pf my design skills and expand on them.

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