My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

Our chosen genre was folk  music, so to begin with we gathered ideas in a mood board. The colours common with folk music tended to be earthy, brown tones and an autumnal feel. The lighting is often from natural sunlight outdoors or a campfire giving associations of community and family. A lot of folk music band work or duets and the body language is open and upright which gives off a friendly aura. Folk singers seem to portray happiness and optimism in their face using open eyes and a lifted eye-line.

Clothing is often very laid-back and old-school but also slightly formal with smart shoes but contrasted with a flannel shirt or rough jacket. The clothing tends to be more extravagent with folk festival as they embrace foliage and green inspired outfits.  Again, darker colours are used. Props such as guitars and string instruments are also present. In our shoot we want to capture the folk culture and take Mise En Scene in to account carefully.

We dressed our model, Trystan, in black chinos, a slightly faded flannel shirt, to give an old school smart black shoes and a straw hat. We also added a brown leather belt. His stance was upright with one palm over the other to emit a feeling of content. The rest of the class successfully percieved our genre and used words like ‘homely’ and ‘farmer inspired’ which folk is influenced by in terms of setting and audience aim. We could’ve however used a more vintage style jacket of some sort as some viewed the star image as ‘virging on basic’.

We took around 25 images in our shoot and experimented with the Mise En Scene a lot. Using the guitar as a prop gave more focus to the photo as there was more of a vocal point. I think one of the best outcomes was with Trystan leaning on the guitar as it gave a casual, care free atmosphere. The brick background felt vintage and can target not only the younger trendy generation but the older too,

This was the final outcome I choose because I think it captured the genre best. I used a lower-angle shot to make him look strong and passionate whilst singing but strumming the guitar to give a softer tone. I liked the setting on this as it’s bright but also cool toned making it rather modest and relaxed. The slight presence of foliage on the bottom left corner contributes to the natural element. I also used a grain effect to give and old-school disposable type feel to the image.

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