Technical Camera Terms

Results from our photo shoot:

Overall we came out with 75 photos, we aimed for each photo to tell a different story or give a give across a different atmosphere which we explored through different camera angles, aperture levels, depth of fields and shutter speed. We found that each different angle, shutter speed and aperture really has a huge impact on the result of the image at what it communicates.

Although you can see many images ‘failed’ or were unsuccessful in portraying the intended story, at the same time they were very successful as they taught us what needs changing and it took us down different paths. For example the first image really isn’t emitting much, we were looking to capture a rather lonely and lost time in this persons life but after experimenting with distance and introducing other variables (moving car with slow shutter speed), we finally got the result we were after. It just turned out we needed to use a longer distance and have more context in the image.

This really taught us how the use of the camera affects the intention of your image and taught me how to utilise the camera to create an effect or emotion specifically by working with different camera angles, distances and framing

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