The Camera Talks

       Final 9 chosen images:

I choose these 9 images as they had the best outcome when telling a story, each image is so different and the use of the camera in so many different way  produces such divergent images and stories. For instance the last image uses a low and tilted angle which really  makes the wandering hand the focus and effuses freedom and exploration. I think the most interesting images is my 4th (the framing shot) because with the whole image all out of focus, it creates mystery and the angle from the floor is as if you are on the floor just woken up mixed with the blurred effect. This unsureness of what the image is and the figure makes you feel insecure as if danger is present.


This photoshoot really taught me about the impact you have just from controlling the camera as each outcome can be so diverse, no 2 images will ever be the same or communicate the exact same thing which I find an interesting concept. It encourages you to explore all the different aspects of a photo you can change and how it influences the end result and message it carries.

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