Using a combination of Photoshop and In-design, I produced a copy of this NME magazine cover, on the left is the original and to the right is my copy. I used a different image for the star image as the original is no longer online so I found a similar photo with some of the same people.

My first issue arised when moving to In-design to begin with the text as more white was present in my image than the original. This meant the main cover-line was difficult to see as the it was also white, this prompted me to make the decision to outline the text in red so it could clearly be seen, however this lead to making the whole cover come across a lot more harsh than the original and made it look slightly cluttered, diminishing the the usual simplicity of NME’s covers. Some of my proportions are also slightly off, as you can see the main cover-line is not further enough down the page.

However in general, my layout is fairly accurate to the original. I am happy with my upkeep of the colour scheme and chosen fonts as they are still very alike and create the same bold and vibrant look. Using Photoshop to cut out my preferred image, I really improved my skills with the lasso tool and experimenting with the opacity of the eraser tool to trim the finer details eg- hair. This meant I could overlay my image successfully over the masthead.

This task really gave me a thorough insight into both Photoshop and In-design and I feel more confident using them for the future. Having the challenge of using a different image which then influenced the rest of my cover meant I actually learnt more as I had to experiment with new tools which I may not of discovered unless I had these challenges

To help me progress and learn how to recreate the cover, I watched a few videos to enlighten me , here are some that especially helped:

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