Here is my most recent draft of my magazine.


I got some final feedback from Miss Hales, below are some points she made that influenced my alterations and produced the above:

Front page:

  • align ‘Eden’s Project’ to border of yellow
  • emphasis on ‘Tallulah Gray’ as selling point
  • correct photoshop error of models right shoe
  • ‘Death cab for a cutie’ = Death cab for cutie
  • Change colour of text at bottom listing featured artists

Contents page:

  • image of Ebony looks slightly stretched sideways so correct
  • crop image of Maisie so there’s lies background space, but more focus on her
  • get rid of hyphens
  • change to ‘and we reflect…’ on page 10 description
  • align page headlines with page numbers

Double page spread:

  • smaller font for text
  • add an indication to turn page over to see the rest of the article
  • add small description or piece of information below album cover
  • change the colour of the questions in the article as heard to read


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