This is Alex’s and I’s video we directed, filmed and edited for the scene ‘Present Face’

I have used the following camera techniques to make the scene exciting and dramatic:

  • establishing shot
  • over the shoulder
  • shot reverse shot
  • reaction shot
  • close up
  • match on action
  • using a tripod for stability in shots
  • filming whole scene from each angle (over one shoulder, over other shoulder, establishing shot angle)

I used these shots to make the scene more interesting by selectively exposing the angles I wanted to. This means I can draw the audience focus to what I intend to create more tension and for dramatic effect, such as a close up of someone’s face will accentuate that reaction/expression more. Variation engages the audience in the action more successfully. I also ensured to film the whole scene from every angle so that I had plenty footage that flowed well to work with and to have a consistency in camera location/angle.

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules:

  • 180 degree rule
  • match on action
  • establishing shot
  • shot reverse shot

I used these rules to ensure my video was consistent and ran smoothly with clean, accurate cuts. By filming using the 180 degree rule, it means that the setting is constant and so makes sense for the audience of where the actors are in the shot. The shot reverse shots gave a fluency to the conversation in the scene so the story could be followed easily.

I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro:

  • selection tool
  • razor
  • scale
  • mark in/mark out
  • contrast/colour/lights levels

I used these tools to precisely choose the successful parts of the scene that we wanted to show to tell the narrative. These tools also helped us edit/fix any filming such as frame size or camera quality to a certain extent.

If I was to film and edit this scene again, I would’ve taken some more close-ups to capture and show the audience the actors facial expressions more for dramatic effect and understanding. I think I would’ve also filmed a reaction shot of Amie at the end. The quality of the footage was also not the best so I would probably experiment with different cameras.

Here is the script we used with annotations on our thoughts and ideas and shot list:


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