For this task, we had to produce a short video story with a simple plot line in order to develop our skills in continuity editing. This short sequence had to be free of dialogue and use a variety of shot distances. Below is my video and story board for the planning process:


The story board helped me roughly plan out in a clear manner what shots I wanted to get and the angles I would use. I also put a brief description of each shot relating to acting and narrative.


  • I think my use of music and sound effects helped support the narrative and enhance the emotions and feelings communicated by the characters.
  • I got a good variety of shots such as long-shots, mid shots and close ups. I also used the camera in motion as well as stationary to really give a feeling of being involved in the story.
  • I followed the rules of continuity editing well so the story flowed well and the sense of location was clear (eg-180 degree rule).


  • Looking back, I should’ve taken more shots with different angles so that I wouldn’t have to edit and use jump cuts which ruin the fluency of the video.
  • I would also have chosen a different filming location as the area we used had uneven terrain meaning a tripod couldn’t always be used, resulting in unsteady shots.
  • I should have also been clearer and firm with my director skills so the emotions of the characters were clearer and more evident.





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