In this task we had to construct a non stop motion video with a planned narrative and assigned characters. My narrative followed the story of a family walking in the park until the child goes missing after seeing a pig in the distance. The parents then stop and realise and panic until the child appears again and they all reunite happily.


Narrative structure:

The traditional narrative structure is present with the equilibrium of the parents and the child taking a leisurely stroll in the park. Then there’s a disruption as the child wonders off and the parents realise she is missing, with this being the tense climax of the narrative. The revelation is when she appears from the bush and is found again by her parents and equilibrium is restored as they reunite and end hugging together as a family.


The conventional characters are evident with the unaware and helpless child, the father as the hero who find her and then the mother representing the damsel in distress as she worries for the whereabouts of her child.

Binary oppositions:

The present binary oppositions in my narrative were themes such as lost and found and loss and discovery. This was shown through the narrative of the parents loosing their child and their emotional reactions to this .

Music video narratives:

However for music videos, usually the whole narrative is not shown so there isn’t always a beginning, middle and end. Often they’ll only show a snapshot of the narrative at a particular moment and capture the atmosphere and feeling at that time. This keeps the audience engaged and gives them greater focus on what’s trying to be portrayed at that time. Often, the narrative is also combined with performance to accentuate the feelings of the star and support the narrative. Overall the combination of narrative and performance makes the video more thematic and highlights meaning from the song.


Looking at the structure of narratives gives us an idea of how we want to construct our video to make in thematic and interesting but also as a snapshot of a narrative surrounding our darker themes. We want to represent and amplify the lyrics whilst also creating a interesting visuals as part of representation.



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