Here’s our draft 2 of our music video, however this is more of an accurate draft in comparison to our first video which was just a mere representation of how our final product to be. Before we just were capturing the essence of the video, but with some better quality, more directed footage we now can see in this draft the rough structure our video. We’ve been made to think more about the importance of each and every shot and so what the general sequence and pace of the video will be. 

Although this is far for our final product, I’m pleased with the outcome which creates aesthetically pleasing but also disturbing visuals. 


What was successful:

  • Pace: through a variety of quick cuts and longer shots, the pace creates diversity throughout the video to accentuate the building tension and climax of chaos in the combination of narrative and performance.
  • Angles: after 2 more shoots it has meant we have a greater variety in shot angles which when used in this draft, create great contrast to show the different extremities of location and the stars psychological development.
  • Lip-syncing: the acting and lip-syncing is a lot more prominent in this draft so our stars emotions can be seen in the longer distance shots.

Targets for the next draft:

  • Re-do the beginning of the video where the roll shots are cut together as they don’t flow and are unsteady. Maybe focus of one and have a quick and short cut to the other location as if a glitch to foreshadow what’s to come.
  • Some of the shots are too long, for example the second verse.
  • Colour correct all shots so there’s consistency and currently only half of them are. Lighting also needs to be adjusted across many clips and creating a consistent tone across the video is important, cooler tones are necessary for the video.

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