Now we’ve edited our first real representation of what our music video will look like, I’m a lot more experienced and confident with premiere pro. Through many hours of experimentation and watching tutorials on youtube, I’ve learnt to use other tools to add to my skill set.

  • Folder organisation


After talking with Lenny and Elliot from specsavers, we learnt it’s more efficient to create ‘bins’ for our work to separate and sort them into different sections, such as shooting locations or shot angles. They essentially act as organised folders for our work so our fluency in editing isn;’t disrupted. This means we don’t waste time looking for the shots we require as it’s clear what will be where. Using out time more efficiently means we can meet deadlines more easily and leave ourself lots of time for refining and finer editing to produce a more polished video to expose as many of our skills as we can.

  • Steadying footage

A really prominent effect we’ve introduced to our video is the warp stabilizer tool. This reduces the unstable shaking of the shots which was very relevant for us as we had many issues with tripods and demanding shoot locations which meant uneven surfaces to set up on. Overall it means our shots look more professional and our loose narrative is communicated more clearly with the focus on the star being prominent.

  • Saving our project

Another really useful skill I learnt was to use ‘Ctrl- S’ as a shortcut to save our project. This means we are constantly saving our project so any edits made will be saved, reducing the chances of loosing footage and editing time.


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