With our 2nd draft done, its important to ensure we get feedback to track our progress and have an outsider highlight errors and challenge our ideas. Below is a screencastify that Mrs Cobb did commenting on our video so far.





  • As we were well aware, the rotating shot in the beginning doesn’t fully work and if we use it in our final draft then it will need stabilizing more.
  • The shot used at the beginning of the second verse is too long so needs performance shots or close-ups cut into it.
  • Experiment with incorporating more shots cutting in from the back of Alice walking down corridor in second verse.
  • Good use of glitches and flashing to cut between shots to create pace, however the black screen to cut between shots and flash may be overused to will need to revisit where to keep it or try something else.
  • Revisit the general pace and jump cut edits so no sections look too out of place, whilst also keeping a nice contrast however.


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