After feedback from Mrs Cobb and some further reflection, we’ve changed a lot from our last draft. Now it is a more accurate representation of what our final product will look like as we have refined the general pace of the video and changed clips where more appropriate ones would fit to create a more fluent video. I am happy with the progress we have made but am aware there’s still a lot more to filtering and correcting to do and colour correction.

Below is our draft 3:

This time we received some feedback from our peers who are also media students, this was really useful to hear from a similar demographic to our target audience, mainly being younger and present online. Here are some of their comments on draft 3:


Targets for next draft:

  • Look at colour correcting all the clips consistently and lighting also
  • Look at some of the longer shots and cut into to refine the pace of the video
  • Closer up shot of star at very beginning when starts to sing
  • Lip syncing is sometimes off so revisit those clips and re-align
  • Stabilize all clips necessary


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