Here is our flow chart as a visual aid for our structure for our website. This ensures we have all the conventional characteristics and pages on our stars’ site. We believe this structure is clear and easy to navigate for our audience .

On Wix.com we chose the template ‘Fashion designer’ due to it’s simple and clean look which is fitting for our alt indie genre. The layout is very efficient and the leading aesthetic is a plain white background which suites the simplicity and chilled aura of our star. The modern design is very appealing and inviting of an array of age groups and genders. I especially liked the option of incorporating moving image, I did this for a backpage using a short clip of a concert/festival to make it personal and feel like you are there with the star. At the same time however, we can customise the site to our chosen look and layout so it’s more unique and individual to the star but this template gave us a good foundation to work from.

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