With our 2nd draft done, its important to ensure we get feedback to track our progress and have an outsider highlight errors and challenge our ideas. Below is a screencastify that Mrs Cobb did commenting on our video so far.






  • As we were well aware, the rotating shot in the beginning doesn’t fully work and if we use it in our final draft then it will need stabilizing more.
  • The shot used at the beginning of the second verse is too long so needs performance shots or close-ups cut into it.
  • Experiment with incorporating more shots cutting in from the back of Alive walking down corridor in second verse.
  • Good use of glitches and flashing to cut between shots to create pace, however the black screen to cut between shots and flash may be overused to will need to revisit where to keep it or try something else.
  • Revisit the general pace and jump cut edits so no sections look too out of place, whilst also keeping a nice contrast however.



Now we’ve edited our first real representation of what our music video will look like, I’m a lot more experienced and confident with premiere pro. Through many hours of experimentation and watching tutorials on youtube, I’ve learnt to use other tools to add to my skill set.




Here’s our draft 2 of our music video, however this is more of an accurate draft in comparison to our first video which was just a mere representation of how our final product to be. Before we just were capturing the essence of the video, but with some better quality, more directed footage we now can see in this draft the rough structure our video. We’ve been made to think more about the importance of each and every shot and so what the general sequence and pace of the video will be. 

Although this is far for our final product, I’m pleased with the outcome which creates aesthetically pleasing but also disturbing visuals. 


What was successful:

  • Pace: through a variety of quick cuts and longer shots, the pace creates diversity throughout the video to accentuate the building tension and climax of chaos in the combination of narrative and performance.
  • Angles: after 2 more shoots it has meant we have a greater variety in shot angles which when used in this draft, create great contrast to show the different extremities of location and the stars psychological development.
  • Lip-syncing: the acting and lip-syncing is a lot more prominent in this draft so our stars emotions can be seen in the longer distance shots.

Targets for the next draft:

  • Re-do the beginning of the video where the roll shots are cut together as they don’t flow and are unsteady. Maybe focus of one and have a quick and short cut to the other location as if a glitch to foreshadow what’s to come.
  • Some of the shots are too long, for example the second verse.
  • Colour correct all shots so there’s consistency and currently only half of them are. Lighting also needs to be adjusted across many clips and creating a consistent tone across the video is important, cooler tones are necessary for the video.


We knew our shoot at Sausmarez Manor would be a challenge as we had a huge time pressure of only an hour. This meant we had to be very efficient with our time to ensure we got all the footage we needed and of a high quality. To do so we formed a shot priority list and planned where we wanted each shot precisely to reduce query time inside the venue. Due to the ornate and historic nature of the environment, it also meant we had to be careful and respectful with the surroundings and furniture to prevent damage.

Similar to the underground hospital, warm lighting tones were an issue however there was a sufficient exposure so that this can mainly reduced in the post production editing process. This yellow tones lighting came from the flamboyant chandelier in the centre of the room but also gave for a nice centre point for some of our shots. We also made sure we had a secure and fully functioning tripod this time so there were no issues with setting the shot straight like we did in our previous shoot.


Although there were lighting issues which are common and we can’t change, I was happy with how the shoot went. We got some good quality and well lit shots that depict the narrative side of our story. With the star more secure and confident in this regal surrounding, it exposed the narcissistic side of our star as she thrives in her dominance, before taking a turn to the darker side in the underground hospital. The two open floor with the grande staircase meant we could experiment more with shot angles, such as high and low angles and birds-eye. I felt this really accentuated the feeling of looking up to the star showing her power and status, whilst also establishing the setting and capturing its majesticness.

Some shots that I thought were really successful:

I really think the silhouette created in this shot builds the mystery and curiosity in the video with a slight unpredictability to where the star will go next and the darkness presents her as powerful and intimidating.


The framing of this shot is aesthetically pleasing and portrays the order and control she has at the beginning of the narrative in comparison to the rest which is chaotic and dark.








As the process of creating our music videos has begun, I have learnt many new production skills through creating a rough cut as a vague representation for our final video. Experimenting on Premiere Pro has developed my knowledge in how the program works and can be utilised for effects and visual changes to create a more contrasting and vivid video.

Some skills I’ve learnt in Premiere Pro are:


  • Track select forward tool: This tool lets me quickly select all of the clips in a sequence and move them instead of individually moving them all one by one and loosing the rhythmic work I’ve done.



  • Razor tool : This adds a simple edit point by cutting the clip wherever you use the tool so you can split your footage into many smaller parts. I found this useful for where I wanted very quick cuts between shots to build tension as the song builds which is necessary for our song and creates a nice variety in cutting speed. Holding shift while using the Razor will cut clips across all tracks.

  • Colour correction/effects: This helped us amplify the colours and shades we wanted and remove the warmer tones so the shots looked more cold and unwelcoming. We had many discoloration and lighting issues with our footage so this helped salvage some of the clips to a certain extent.


I believe my skills will definitely develop further as I continue to create our music video and experiment with more tools and effects so that I am confident and efficient with Premiere Pro by the end of the process. Better utilising these skills that I develop contribute to a more professional looking music video with effects and visuals to form the dominant but slightly psychotic atmosphere we want to create around our star. It also means there’s greater variety in our video so many contrasts are present for a more engaging experience.


For our shoot on Monday, we’ve put together this production meeting agenda. This keeps us organised which is essential for the shoot as we have only been given an hour at this location so we need to be very efficient.



So we have a clear idea regarding the narrative aspect of our video,  we put together this narrative development sheet. This easily establishes the structure and type of narrative we wish to follow and why.  It’s also made me think more about how we are going to capture the atmosphere and binary oppositions we want and what the specifics in Mise En Scene and shots represents.

This will  help us be more organised on shoot day so we can use our time efficiently and produce a successful product at the end that’s specific to the genre. Having a clearer vision and plan means a more accurate representation of the star in the video and the themes that are being portrayed.


Although we are more confident with our current footage and shots, we feel that our video would benefit of some more simple shots such as more close-ups. We have experimented with more complex shots and angle so wanted some to ensure we had the more straightforward shots to create diversity. We shot many close-ups in our other shoots however the black studio is a reliable set up for lighting ensuring decent quality shots. So we went ahead and did a performance shoot that supplied us our simple, good quality shots that we can cut into the video to develop the stars feelings and mental deterioration.  

Here’s our production meeting agenda and risk assessment for the shoot to keep us organised with structure.

This shoot gave us some really solid performance shots that are well lit and directed, it also greatly helped our performer find her character and motivation more and venture to the darker side that we are exposing. This means she’s more fluent on shoot and so for our future shoots we can be more efficient and she will be secure in her character. 

As seen below, these shots are well in focus and well lit which produced some simple and effective images to capture her emotion and mere psychotic nature. The shots also nicely capture the small details of the blood and foundation pour to produce a skin melting effect that create aesthetically pleasing visuals. We also experimented with the angle of the source of light to create interesting shadows and shaped, sometimes making the star look more ghostly and lifeless.


Our organised set up meant the foundation pour worked well and so the extreme close-ups were great quality. We used some free-hand shots to get a more up close and personal angles that are more invasive and intimidating.