Below are all the images we got from the shoot. Overall I’m really pleased with the images as they are simple, effective and quirky which abide our stars’ aesthetic. They are of good quality and I think will create consistency in the digipak alongside the glove images. 

I think the front on angle of the paint dripping down the bottle is the best framing and with some lighting and colour editing, could produce for a really striking shot. This one especially is my favourite.


After experimenting with our digipak and the overall design, we found we were limited with images to edit. Part of the branding for Saige was the colours and the images we got with the toothbrush, representing the blue colour were not frames how we wished. We wanted another close-up for the inside right pane. The dripping of the yellow paint on the yellow glove produced for a visually intriguing and pleasing image. To mimic this with the blue, I had the idea to do the same on a clear bottle.

Here is our production meeting agenda and risk assessment for the shoot:


Here is out most recent draft our our digipak.

Front Pane:

Inside :

Back pane:


Clearly we have a very prominent issue of the panes not fitting meaning we need to re-visit sizing which can be sorted easily. I do think that the albums general appearance is conventional of our genre and fits the star. To ensure that our genre is evident we decided to ask our audience to state what genre they thought it was between; alt indie, rock, pop, R&B and folk. It seemed we were successful in portraying our genre as they all unanimously votes for alt indie. We then also asked these same people to give adjectives that best describe the album. The most common words associated were ‘quirky’ and ‘experimental’. By our audience decoding this, it means we have clearly followed our genre using Stuart Hall’s Reception Theory, whilst also being unique and refreshing.


Some targets for improvement:

  • panel sizing
  • fonts on front and back pane
  • enhance colours and lighting on back pane
  • front pane layout regarding text


Through using the website to create our website for our star, I’ve learnt many skills and have grasped the program quite well. This has meant I could produce a functional and easy to navigate page for our star whilst also looking clean and professional to fit our genre. Here are some skills I learnt and some of the tools I used.

  • Add tool

This tool located on the left side of the page was very helpful as you could insert an array of templates/pre-made pages or icons. This ranged from simply adding text and headers, to merch site templates and navigation bars. This gave good guidance and inspiration for what we wanted on our website that was conventional to the genre. We added images of the star in her ‘daily life’ and quotes to communicate her ideologies and make her seem present and reachable for her audience. Merchandise was also a great way to keep the consistent branding for Saige and promote her new album.

  • Design tool

With the add icon giving us the structure, the design tool then allowed us to alter and customise these to our preferred aesthetic and style for the overall page. This meant we could create consistency for our branding with common themes such as colour scheme or layout. For example the use of white alongside the 3 primary colours forms a design that’s associated with the star and album in general for a recognisable blueprint.

  • Site Menu

This site menu was a useful way to see all our pages and anchors. When editing this meant I could switch between pages easily and view what was on each. This has allowed us to alter the order of the pages and where the anchors take you so we could construct the most efficient navigation we could for our audience.


Below is a screencastify with some feedback on our website so far from our teacher.

Some points she made were:

  • sort out blank space at bottom of landing page
  • socials are present on landing page twice (one needs deleting)
  • more hype around star so maybe a news page ? or commentate images on sign up page
  • all photos on website need to be own


The first draft of our website is done for our star ‘SAIGE.’ I think a strong style is evident and all of the information necessary is there. The site is conventional to the genre whilst also still being personal and quirky.

(level 4)



The use of images from the digipak shoot and music video create a strong aesthetic throughout the website alongside the simple and bold text and design. This creates a strong branding for the star and is visually engaging. The contrasting, bleak use of black and white in the images coordinate well with the text on the home page. This emphasises the colour of the background saying ‘blinded by colour’ which promotes the album on the tour dates page. Integration of media on the music/albums page is especially exceptional with the text, album images and video background of a concert working in conjunction to deliver a calm and creative atmosphere, presenting the star as imaginative and passionate.



Layout is simple and clear and use of text and images communicate bold nature of brand. Lots of images and backgrounds are engaging and call to action is present with tour information and links to buy tickets and to view artists music. The sign up page is very encouraging with photos of the artist and her daily life, making her accessible and an opportunity for the audience to interact with her.



Easy to find information required with navigation bar on landing page making it functional and clear. Tour on landing page is practical as most demanded information from audience to access and engage with the star.