My final product ‘INNOVATE’ magazine as my component one is finished and can now be viewed on my home page. Through research, experimenting, creating and then evaluating, the magazine has developed a lot from its original form to become what it is today.

I’ve enjoyed learning how to work with a range of hardware and software to produce the best work I can and to utilise these programmes to tailor my images and text to fit my genre and branding. This was working with the DSLR’s  and then using these images in Indesign and Photoshop .Learning how to de-construct media has also been great to know how to find and then communicate meaning through my work to project the image I want to with my magazine. I have also begun learning how to navigate my way around Premier Pro which will equip me for my next component with my music video.


Here is my most recent draft of my magazine.


I got some final feedback from Miss Hales, below are some points she made that influenced my alterations and produced the above:

Front page:

  • align ‘Eden’s Project’ to border of yellow
  • emphasis on ‘Tallulah Gray’ as selling point
  • correct photoshop error of models right shoe
  • ‘Death cab for a cutie’ = Death cab for cutie
  • Change colour of text at bottom listing featured artists

Contents page:

  • image of Ebony looks slightly stretched sideways so correct
  • crop image of Maisie so there’s lies background space, but more focus on her
  • get rid of hyphens
  • change to ‘and we reflect…’ on page 10 description
  • align page headlines with page numbers

Double page spread:

  • smaller font for text
  • add an indication to turn page over to see the rest of the article
  • add small description or piece of information below album cover
  • change the colour of the questions in the article as heard to read



To finish my magazine, I’ve looked at appropriate adverts that would work well alongside my pages. These are the 3 I liked most:



This is an advert for spotify, a very popular music streaming platform. I thought it was fitting for my magazine as it’s directed at students and the age bracket for my audience is around 18-24. I liked how the ad was simple and straightforward. My magazine is aimed at a normal, middle class audience so this offer is relevant and helpful to them. I also thought the bright colours tied in well with my magazine and grab the audiences attention.


This ad is for New York Film Academy. I liked the creativity behind it, popcorn doubling up as  a trash can of drafts and attempts, something many of us can relate to ; countless attempts and the feeling of defeat. With my audience being very creative and with music playing a huge part in film, it could be a potential path for my demographic for my magazine.


This ad for post is bringing the concept of sending letters back to popularity, not always relying on technology but bringing authenticity back retro style. I think it suits the open minded personality of my audience. I also think the image is very touching and imaginative.



In order to develop my magazine, getting someones else’s view is important. Here is my feedback from Olly on my article. He recognised my use of programmes to manipulate images and integrate them well with the rest of my page and text. I’m happy he also understood the genre was indie based but he did say maybe hip-hop also which I think was down to the quirky route I’ve taken and the fashion of my model. Personally I think I need to re read all my article and headline for my contents page and check accuracy and think of a more creative headline rather than a quote.

I then also got my peer to read my article aloud to help me get an understanding for the flow or the article and if it reads well and authentically. The recording is attached below:

I think the article read well and the language kept it informal and chatty but still informative.


After hearing feedback from the screencastify, I’ve made further adjustments to my magazine, many small and intricate but making a huge difference. Such as:

  • aligning text and images so spacing is even and more proportionate
  • shortening page descriptions on contents page
  • cutting out/ reducing use of hyphens
  • adding image of album cover
  • using a play on words for DPS headline instead of quote