My final product ‘INNOVATE’ magazine as my component one is finished and can now be viewed on my home page. Through research, experimenting, creating and then evaluating, the magazine has developed a lot from its original form to become what it is today.

I’ve enjoyed learning how to work with a range of hardware and software to produce the best work I can and to utilise these programmes to tailor my images and text to fit my genre and branding. This was working with the DSLR’s  and then using these images in Indesign and Photoshop .Learning how to de-construct media has also been great to know how to find and then communicate meaning through my work to project the image I want to with my magazine. I have also begun learning how to navigate my way around Premier Pro which will equip me for my next component with my music video.


Whilst constructing my magazine, I’ve learnt many skills across different programmes such as Indesign and Photoshop to help create the most original and customised magazine I can. Also experimenting and learning alongside the camera work means I can capture and create more authentic moments that heavily influence the magazine as images take great importance and influence in the media. I also feel more confident constructing these images taking into account mise en scene to represent my brand and genre.

My use of colour has been a form of trademark to tie everything in with my magazine and it’s borders give it a sort of branding for my magazine to remember it by. I’ve made many changes and experimented a lot with my magazine and I’m happy how it’s developed but it still has a way to come working further with colours again and adding more content and detail.


Whilst working on my contents page I have continued to develop my skills in Indesign and Photoshop.

I wanted something on my contents page that gave more interest and creativity. In Indesign I learnt how to use gradient feather tool to fade the text ‘contents’ and place it over the original title. The colours tied in well with the rest of the page and brought a contemporary and edgy look.


I also learnt how to overlay an image to create the retro photo borders on my contents page. This video taught me how to merge these two imaged together and work with photos opacities to get the outcome I wanted.


Through creating my contents page , I have widened my skills with programmes such as Photoshop and Indesign. Using Photoshop, I have learnt how to enhance images and edit them to reach there full potential and cut them out so I can use only a selected part of the image that I want.  I have also developed a greater understanding of layering images in Photoshop and merging text together in Indesign so I can move areas of text all together and not individually.


For cutting out images, the two tools that have been the most helpful is the quick selection tool and the polygonal lasso tool. Using the quick selection tool, it selects areas based on tone and colour that you can erase, for example I wanted to get rid of a white background so the tool easily removed it as it detected white. The only issue with this is that if colours are similar in your image then you could end up deleting material that you don’t want to.

Image result for magic wand tool photoshop

With the polgonal lasso tool, you can cut out your image a lot more accurately and you can zoom in to see the finer details you want to select.

I wanted to explore how to enhance my images so they can be at their best standard.




For example with my image of Ebony I felt the lighting and colours were slightly dull so I changed the colour balance to a cooler tone, bringing out the blue details and removing some of the green tones.

I also felt her eyes could be more prominent so I went to change the colour:

First I selected the polygonal lasso tool and drew out the area I wanted to select (the eyes).

Then I created a new layer as a hue adjustment option and selected the colourize option. Using the colour swatch at the top right I chose a deep shade of blue to make her eyes pop more. I also went back in with the rubber to clear up around the eye area as my free hand with the polygonal lasso tool wasn’t exactly accurate and clear. I changed the layer from a normal layer to a colour layer also to give a more natural effect on the colour of the eyes.

Here is my before and after of the image of Ebony, I think these small changes made a huge difference to the mood of the image and made it more interesting:



Now I’m at a stage where I feel I’m equipped with enough information and experience to shoot my star for my front cover. Some of the devices that have helped me in this process are:

-Looking into the Mise En Scene of images has really initiated the thought process behind each image and how it really influences the overall outcome. Through analysing others work and also physically doing my own shoot, I’ve discovered how vital it is in what it communicates to your audience.

-Working with Richard Dyers Star Theory has taught me about how the way in which a star is presented is always manufactured to create a certain view of that person, making them both ordinary and extraordinary, present and absent.

-Utilizing the camera is also key in influencing your final outcome and atmosphere. Different angles and depths of field can change a simple image to something that has much more meaning. Also learning how to set up the camera and lights in the studio mean I feel prepared in constructing my photo shoot.


Throughout my first term in Media I have learnt a lot through research and experimenting about producing a music magazine and the thought and detail that needs to go into it. Intention and narrative are important when communicating your genre and particular and careful use of Mise En Scene, imagery and utilizing your editing software is key in doing so.

My skills in Photoshop and Indesign have developed well in cutting out,placing and playing around with exposure,contrast and the general effect of the image to achieve my intended result which contributes to my end music magazine. I also am confident in using terminology regarding magazine covers eg- Masthead, plug, cover-line. We have also looked at camera angles and composition to create our images. Overall I feel more confident in making such decisions and knowing how to attract my target audience when creating my own.