Through using the website to create our website for our star, I’ve learnt many skills and have grasped the program quite well. This has meant I could produce a functional and easy to navigate page for our star whilst also looking clean and professional to fit our genre. Here are some skills I learnt and some of the tools I used.

  • Add tool

This tool located on the left side of the page was very helpful as you could insert an array of templates/pre-made pages or icons. This ranged from simply adding text and headers, to merch site templates and navigation bars. This gave good guidance and inspiration for what we wanted on our website that was conventional to the genre. We added images of the star in her ‘daily life’ and quotes to communicate her ideologies and make her seem present and reachable for her audience. Merchandise was also a great way to keep the consistent branding for Saige and promote her new album.

  • Design tool

With the add icon giving us the structure, the design tool then allowed us to alter and customise these to our preferred aesthetic and style for the overall page. This meant we could create consistency for our branding with common themes such as colour scheme or layout. For example the use of white alongside the 3 primary colours forms a design that’s associated with the star and album in general for a recognisable blueprint.

  • Site Menu

This site menu was a useful way to see all our pages and anchors. When editing this meant I could switch between pages easily and view what was on each. This has allowed us to alter the order of the pages and where the anchors take you so we could construct the most efficient navigation we could for our audience.


Although our general atmosphere for our digipak is simple and not super manufactured and edited, through the process so far I’ve still learnt many skills.

  • Adjustment layers

Adjustment layers allow you to make many changes to your images such as colour tone or contrast. This means I can selectively choose which part of an image I want to edit. In this case it meant we could brighten the white backdrop in all our photos without affecting the star as she would look overexposed if we increased the brightness on the whole image.

  • Dodge/burn tool

I have been able to use these tools to selectively brighten and darken areas of an image. This was especially useful for the stars face and skin to give a brightened look to make her more fresh and chiselled looking. This ties in with the natural and soft look we go for on the star, but still strong and striking.

  • Spot healing tool

This tool means we can clone a part of an image and blend the pixels. We used this to get rid of the dirt marks of the studio floor so it was all white and looked more polished alongside the white joggers.  This clean white on white look meant we could create the simple and striking atmosphere in our digipak to conventionally follow our genre.




Now we’ve edited our first real representation of what our music video will look like, I’m a lot more experienced and confident with premiere pro. Through many hours of experimentation and watching tutorials on youtube, I’ve learnt to use other tools to add to my skill set.

  • Folder organisation


After talking with Lenny and Elliot from specsavers, we learnt it’s more efficient to create ‘bins’ for our work to separate and sort them into different sections, such as shooting locations or shot angles. They essentially act as organised folders for our work so our fluency in editing isn;’t disrupted. This means we don’t waste time looking for the shots we require as it’s clear what will be where. Using out time more efficiently means we can meet deadlines more easily and leave ourself lots of time for refining and finer editing to produce a more polished video to expose as many of our skills as we can.

  • Steadying footage

A really prominent effect we’ve introduced to our video is the warp stabilizer tool. This reduces the unstable shaking of the shots which was very relevant for us as we had many issues with tripods and demanding shoot locations which meant uneven surfaces to set up on. Overall it means our shots look more professional and our loose narrative is communicated more clearly with the focus on the star being prominent.

  • Saving our project

Another really useful skill I learnt was to use ‘Ctrl- S’ as a shortcut to save our project. This means we are constantly saving our project so any edits made will be saved, reducing the chances of loosing footage and editing time.



As the process of creating our music videos has begun, I have learnt many new production skills through creating a rough cut as a vague representation for our final video. Experimenting on Premiere Pro has developed my knowledge in how the program works and can be utilised for effects and visual changes to create a more contrasting and vivid video.

Some skills I’ve learnt in Premiere Pro are:


  • Track select forward tool: This tool lets me quickly select all of the clips in a sequence and move them instead of individually moving them all one by one and loosing the rhythmic work I’ve done.



  • Razor tool : This adds a simple edit point by cutting the clip wherever you use the tool so you can split your footage into many smaller parts. I found this useful for where I wanted very quick cuts between shots to build tension as the song builds which is necessary for our song and creates a nice variety in cutting speed. Holding shift while using the Razor will cut clips across all tracks.

  • Colour correction/effects: This helped us amplify the colours and shades we wanted and remove the warmer tones so the shots looked more cold and unwelcoming. We had many discoloration and lighting issues with our footage so this helped salvage some of the clips to a certain extent.


I believe my skills will definitely develop further as I continue to create our music video and experiment with more tools and effects so that I am confident and efficient with Premiere Pro by the end of the process. Better utilising these skills that I develop contribute to a more professional looking music video with effects and visuals to form the dominant but slightly psychotic atmosphere we want to create around our star. It also means there’s greater variety in our video so many contrasts are present for a more engaging experience.