Below is a screencastify with some feedback on our website so far from our teacher.

Some points she made were:

  • sort out blank space at bottom of landing page
  • socials are present on landing page twice (one needs deleting)
  • more hype around star so maybe a news page ? or commentate images on sign up page
  • all photos on website need to be own


The first draft of our website is done for our star ‘SAIGE.’ I think a strong style is evident and all of the information necessary is there. The site is conventional to the genre whilst also still being personal and quirky.

(level 4)



The use of images from the digipak shoot and music video create a strong aesthetic throughout the website alongside the simple and bold text and design. This creates a strong branding for the star and is visually engaging. The contrasting, bleak use of black and white in the images coordinate well with the text on the home page. This emphasises the colour of the background saying ‘blinded by colour’ which promotes the album on the tour dates page. Integration of media on the music/albums page is especially exceptional with the text, album images and video background of a concert working in conjunction to deliver a calm and creative atmosphere, presenting the star as imaginative and passionate.



Layout is simple and clear and use of text and images communicate bold nature of brand. Lots of images and backgrounds are engaging and call to action is present with tour information and links to buy tickets and to view artists music. The sign up page is very encouraging with photos of the artist and her daily life, making her accessible and an opportunity for the audience to interact with her.



Easy to find information required with navigation bar on landing page making it functional and clear. Tour on landing page is practical as most demanded information from audience to access and engage with the star. 





Here is our flow chart as a visual aid for our structure for our website. This ensures we have all the conventional characteristics and pages on our stars’ site. We believe this structure is clear and easy to navigate for our audience .

On we chose the template ‘Fashion designer’ due to it’s simple and clean look which is fitting for our alt indie genre. The layout is very efficient and the leading aesthetic is a plain white background which suites the simplicity and chilled aura of our star. The modern design is very appealing and inviting of an array of age groups and genders. I especially liked the option of incorporating moving image, I did this for a backpage using a short clip of a concert/festival to make it personal and feel like you are there with the star. At the same time however, we can customise the site to our chosen look and layout so it’s more unique and individual to the star but this template gave us a good foundation to work from.


To be more critical and understanding of the process of creating our website, we have taken a look at Billie Eilish’s as she greatly inspires our star. We used Blumler and Katz theory and looked at how her website ties in with entertainment, personal identity, information¬† and social interaction to engage her audience. This means we can better understand our genre and how to attract our audience.


Before we begin to create our own website, we thought it would be helpful to do some research and look into what makes a conventional website. They have many similar characteristics and structures as magazines.

We looked at Billie Eilishs’ webpage and found some very unconventional and quirky features that are engaging for her audience. For example she has a link on her page to an interactive visual page of her own room. However she does have conventional features and structures such as her front page layout with the hero shot and the leaderboard.

This now means I can incorporate these conventions in our webpage and understand how to engage our audience appropriate for our genre.